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If you have ever looked for a good gluten-free recipe for the perfect coating for your fish, shrimp,chicken, onion rings, potatoes,vegatables and you’ve settled for less, you are not alone. Finally, I have tested a product that is so far superior to any recipe or ready made”mix’ I’ve come across and so versatile that it can be used as a mix for meatloaves and to enhance the flavor of rice, stews, soups and much more—Dakota Lakes Gourmet Coating.

With my staff, I tested numerous recipes with this “spice blend,” and they all came out delicious. The fried and baked fish came out like the delicious fish I used to have in London. Our baked chicken came out better than intended. The onion rings were perfectly seasoned as well as our meatloaf.

According to president and owner Darold Walls, the Gourmet Coating is gluten-free and manufactured in the well-known packing plant in Seattle, Ener-G Foods, ensuring no cross-contamination or “poisoning.” Prior to each packing, the spice blend is tested at the Food Allergy Research Lab at the University of Nebraska. The Gourmet Coating is the perfect blend of flour, savory spices, and herbs for use in many dishes and meal options. It is convenient and very well-priced to serve the GF community.


Many children, especially autistic children, have to give up chicken nuggets. Luckily this product is the perfect substitute for this beloved kid’s dish, whether fried or baked.

I still can not believe the flavor of my various fishes as well as chicken dishes. I even added a 1/2 tsp. to scrambled eggs and the guests were raving. I am still amazed at how each dish I made tasted absolutely different but yet we are using the same seasoned mix- Dakota Lakes!

The box comes with many recipe suggestions as well as their websites, but any creative cook with an imagination can come up with many more ideas. The flavor is outstanding!


This food company is given a thumbs up and is HIGHLY recommended by me.


Please be sure and check out more recipes on this site as well as at Thank you Darold!

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27 thoughts on “Gluten-Free – Dakota Lakes Gourmet Coating

  1. Hi Tina! I love this company! I use the recipe on the back of the box to make beer battered chicken and onion rings. It’s very good! Perfect amount of spices. Not too salty but just salty enough. Love the flavor! Another thing I like to do is add 1 heaping tablespoon into raw burger patties with minced garlic and then through them on the bbq grill. –delish!

  2. What I love about this company is their recipes on the back of the box. The choices are endless with what to do with the coating. I use it on chicken, make onion rings and put it on everything. It has a great crunch and it’s delicious!

  3. Wow! What an awesome review on Dakota Lakes! I have my kitchen stocked with this coating. My favorite is “breaded” mahi mahi fish, cooked on a skillet and with some veggies on the side. The “bread” is good! It has enough spices in the mix that there
    is no need to add anything extra. It’s really tasty!!

  4. I like to add this onto fish and it’s great! It’s not hard and scratchy like some other breading/coatings. It had a good clean taste as well

  5. This product is a life-saver for me because it’s been so difficult to get my “picky” daughter to eat chicken. Well if I coat the chicken in dakota lakes coating she goes for it every time! And she eats every last bit of it! I couldn’t believe it. I highly recommend this as a secret weapon for seasoning chicken or any kind of meat…

  6. I’ve gotten very inventive with this product and not only have I used it with veggies and tofu, but eggs as well! No additional salt needed… my guests just love it. And being that I’m vegetarian, mucho flavor is needed to compensate for what I’m missing out on in the meat world.

  7. Two words: meat loaf – use this liberally in meat loaf and you’ll be pleasantly surprised… my party of 4 sure were! Hard to believe it’s gluten-free…

  8. my friend let me borrow this Dakota Lakes product and amazingly the flavor was soooooo much more than I expected. I don’t typically eat GF but now I’m sold on this one and it’s delicious flavor.

  9. I would love to try this, we have been using crushed us GF cereal, and the palin Orgran breading, and we just about only have chicken for dinner, always looking to add impact to our cooking with all 4 of us being gluten free.

    1. Hey Diane, Let me know how it turns out and share any recipe you come up with. My “friends’ Live to know of something new. Don’t we all.:( Tina

  10. Hi Tina! I’m always well stocked with this product. I like to do the “shake-and-bake” method. I put about half a cup-full into a large ziplock and add my chicken pieces. I seal it up and let my son shake the bag until everything is coated. Then I just through the chicken pieces into the oven and BAM! -amazingly easy and delicious gourmet-coating chicken pieces! We make this once every week! We love them!

  11. I would like to win this product because I have never seen it before and would like to try it! I read your cooments and the others posted and I would love to add something to my cupboard! Thank you!

  12. Our family all eats gluten free, and my sister gets deathly ill from just touching wheat flour. We haven’t been able to find a good batter recipe or gluten free coating that we all like. So, excited to try this!! Thanks!

  13. As newly glutenfree I am so glad to read reviews on products that I can use. I am very interested in this coating. It will def help me add some new recipes to our GF menu. =)

  14. I am being informed! I never knew about this company. Thanks for the information. I will check to see if the local gluten free grocery store has it. Winning this really be a new way to spice up my foods. I am sure I will really enjoy. Thanks

  15. I would LOVE to try this mix. Everything I have tried for coating Chicken, fish, pork chops, just doesn’t taste good, or the coating just falls off. What a waste! It is so hard to find great gluten free products. It would be a real treat to win a test of this. Since I am on disability, it gets expensive to try products without knowing what the results will be.

  16. I would like to try out a gluten-free diet. Besides possibly losing weight with such a lifestyle change, I believe this product will help keep my interest in continuing. As is said: variety is the spice of life! :o)

  17. This is a great product, I LOVE IT, it made plain hamburger taste wonderful. I would highly recommend this product to everyone. I also made some coated potatoes, Cut wedges, coated potatoes and baked them, yum yum.

  18. I use Dakota Lakes for shrimp and onion rings and my GOODNESS they are a hit every time. Makes me feel like I’m eating the “real thing.”

  19. I have been missing fish and chips for so long, and I finally got to indulge in this favorite of mine with with this product. I used it for both the fish as well as the chips. I think I like it better gluten-free!

  20. I missed hot wings so much when I went gluten-free, as I always enjoyed them breaded. Now with Dakota Lakes, I make some awesome wings–better even than the local restaurant I used to go to every week to satisfy my craving for wings!

  21. And the price really is fair, which is very hard to find with gluten-free products, especially ones where the company really does their best to ensure the final product is gluten-free and not contaminated from the processing. I hope other companies will be able to follow Dakota Lakes’ example.

  22. This is a delicious product, it is great to use in Ground Beef for yummy burgers and on Chicken as a breading. My family LOVES how they turn out. 🙂

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