The Super Allergy Girl Cookbook by Lisa Lundy

Cooking without gluten and dairy and all the other most common allergens can be a daunting experience, especially when dealing with an allergic child. The Super Allergy Girl Cookbook is an empowering book full of answers to your child’s or any allergic person’s needs, including the celiac’s.

This cookbook contains 132 pages of Lisa’s discoveries over the many years she spent raising three allergic children as well as in her personal experience as a child with an anaphylactic allergy to nuts of any kind as well as to coconut. With her daughter having well over ten food allergies, Lisa was forced to create recipes to accommodate a child’s palate with creativity, texture, and appeal. The recipes in this book are the successful results of many cooking attempts and errors. Lisa generously shares her recipes in this book and continues to help many chefs, celiac groups, and people learn to cook allergic-free meals.

There’s much more this book offers. With so many years of involvement in research in this area, Lisa shares near 150 pages of advice, the history of allergies, various well-known “allergic diet” options, food family charts, symptoms, effects of additives and preservatives, and much more.

There are many celiacs with additional food allergies, and still having symptoms as a result. With rice, tapioca, and potato being a staple in our gluten-free grain mix, Lisa points out that day after day consumption of a food can easily initiate the food allergy to the very food we depend on. She offers simple and logical solutions to avoiding allergies, in addition to handling them, in this book.
Leaving no stone unturned, Lisa provides additional recipes for play dough, finger paints, clay, stickers, homemade household cleaners, and laundry detergent.

This book is a book I highly recommend anyone read, allergy-ridden or not. Armed with the information in this book, anyone lacking the necessary information to help one’s child or oneself, can avoid allergy troubles. Lisa offers a lot of free helpful advice for consumers with health food issues on the website,
HIGHLY recommended!

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7 thoughts on “The Super Allergy Girl Cookbook by Lisa Lundy

  1. I know, I know, who would want their child to eat at McDonald’s but our little guy loves their fries and we cannot figure out whether or not they are gluten free. Some places say yes, others no. Can you help us? Our son was diagnosed three weeks ago so we’re new to the world of gluten free. Thanks Tina! Sara

  2. I love the Super Allergy Girl! I go to her blog all the time. There’s some interesting stuff on there. Good to know you did a review on this book! I’ll have to get it myself.

  3. I’m celiac as well as my children. I picked this book up a while ago and it’s such a breath of fresh air! We’ve tried all of the recipes and my kids love the “activity” (play dough, etc.) recipes as well.

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