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(I am not paid or given any incentive to write one way or the other. What you are about to read is from me to you, my honest opinion.)

Robb Dorf, founder and CEO had a vision and he’s now fulfilled it.  His 5 bars are all gluten-free and tested to the standards any celiac can appreciate.

PureFit’s 2 oz bars have 18 grams of protein, are low glycemic as well as vegan.

He has his products all made in a dedicated facility, tested through avenues of CSA, yet he’s quick to mention GIG and CDF all helped him to get to where he is today – and others.


Robb supports many celiac groups, attends many expos, donates to numerous meetings, conferences and is well thought of not only in the sports arena but nutritional and celiac arena as well.

These nutritious packed gluten-free bars are loaded with their own unique flavors and I loved them all.

I was also pleased to find out that the only bar with oats, the PureFit Granola Crunch comes with certification of dedicated gluten-free oats.

Robb Dorf is on top of it!  Not a celiac himself, he cares and understands a celiac’s needs and why and will not lower his standards.

Thank you Robb for an exceptional product and your offers:  for every friend you recommend who orders Pure Fit, you’ll receive a box sent to your door.  For every store you get to carry PureFit, Robb’s company will send you 4 boxes of PureFit bars!

This food company is given a thumbs up and is HIGHLY recommended by me.

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22 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Company – PureFit

  1. I have to say that out of all the flavors I’ve tried, almond crunch is my favorite as it kindda tastes like marzipan… but hands down all the purefit flavors are delicious!

  2. So glad to see this review up for PureFit – I’m hoping to see much more product availability in the stores soon. This is a nutritionally-dense bar that sure packs a lot of flavor. My 9 year old just loved these bars and in particular his fave was the chocolate-brownie bar, which tasted just like brownies to him!

  3. My friend’s 7 year old daughter is an ultra-finnicky eater but she instantly became a fan of the purefit bars – even for dessert!!

  4. You have no idea how glad I am to see this company finally getting the credit it deserves…. thank you for all that you do for the GF community!!!! Most companies carry a selection of protein bars in which only about a certain percentage are tasty, but purefit seems to outdo themselves by the fact that ALL bars are super delicious…. go Rob!

  5. Utterly delicious bars…. perfect for the mid-day pick-me-up. Hope to see these being made available at large grocery store chains such as Publix and Albertsons some time verrrryyy soon!

  6. My daughter is 18 and went gluten-free, yeast-free, cows milk free 2 years ago. She is in college and we tried alot of energy bars for her to carry with her. Pure Fit are one of her favorites…and she is really picky about her snacks.

  7. I have tried every single protein bar this company has to offer and I love them. The Almond Crunch is tasty and nutty. Definitely better than any other high-protein bar I’ve tasted in a while! The Peanut Butter Crunch is just perfect for peanut butter lovers!
    The Granola Crunch has a variety of different nut tastes. Lastly, Chocolate Brownie Crunch is good to eat on those chocolate cravings. Overall, I think these are a good mid-day snack or something to keep up your energy before a work out. Good products.

  8. I have tried three bars: PureFit Berry Almond Crunch, PureFit Granola Crunch, PureFit Almond Crunch. The berry almond crunch was easily my favorite, but they were all good. I thought the Berry Almond Crunch was delicious, and a great source of protein. Not too sweet, not a strange consistency…The ingredients are all good too, so I’ll be buying these for my boys’ lunches.

  9. The Berry Almond Crunch bar is delicious! I usually don’t like nuts, but they didn’t bother me at all in this bar.

  10. The berry almond crunch bar is good; it doesn’t taste too ‘healthy’, which is the biggest compliment I could give. It tastes like a dessert.

  11. I loved the PureFit Berry Almond Crunch bar, but didn’t like the PureFit Granola Crunch or PureFit Almond Crunch very much.

  12. I use these bars for when i’m working out, for when i can’t get a meal and these are great supplements for it. they satisfy the hunger!

  13. I love these protein bars! I love the soft texture and how they sort of melt in your mouth. my absolute favorite is the Berry Flavor. You can really taste the flavors in these bars!

  14. I always have these in my purse. I never get tired of eating them. They are all so delicious. thanks for posting this review! i learned a thing or two!

  15. I’m not one to go for “replacement” bars, as I like to eat “real food,” but I tried the granola crunch flavor a while back and found it has that whole-food taste and satisfaction but certified gf oats, so now I keep these around regularly.

  16. Love the videos with these reviews and love learning about the originators. Adds a personal touch when you eat the products–like you know the person who made them, and they almost made them just for you!

  17. Okay, you’ve done it again, Tina. You chose to put the spotlight on a GREAT company and product. I am a pretty athletic guy and you really need a good protein bar when you’re working out, and PureFit really does the job. They taste like dessert, but you know they’re good for you.

  18. I just came from your site and I have always been interested in a gluten-free diet. It’s exciting to see that so many people really like these gluten-free products and I’m going to have to give them a try. Thanks for the helpful information!

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  20. I like these gluten free raw food cookies. They are made from a cashew base. They’re organic too.
    The chocolate are my favorite:

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