Living Gluten Free: Avoiding Cross-Contamination

     If you’ve recently been diagnosed with celiac disease, it is likely you’re still adapting to a gluten-free lifestyle. It may seem overwhelming at first to a celiac patient to begin the gluten-free road to recovery, as there are many challenges to face in adjusting to your new gluten-free diet. One of these challenges is avoiding gluten that can get in your food through cross-contamination.

     It’s important to realize that any food processed on equipment shared with gluten is at risk to have at least some degree of contamination. In order for a product to be truly gluten-free, special handling is required at each step of the process—the growing, harvesting, milling, and processing of non-gluten grains. Shared equipment results in gluten contamination in the field, a manufacturing facility, a restaurant, or a home kitchen.

     Make sure you are familiar with cross-contamination and how to avoid it to ensure that you’re eating a truly gluten-free diet!

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4 thoughts on “Living Gluten Free: Avoiding Cross-Contamination

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  3. Some don’t realise how bad cross contamination can be, My daughter got extremely sick twice cause of cross contamination. Many don’t take it serious BUT should.

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