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I am sure many of you noticed some new pictures up on the site. Usually I am the one taking pictures of all the delicious gluten-free products I come across. This time, I was the “gluten-free product”. I had the honor of having my picture taken by my dear friend Joshua Shultz. I’ve never enjoyed getting my picture taken but I truly had such a fun time with him. He made me feel so comfortable. Josh has been a close friend of mine for many years and recently switched to being gluten-free! I am constantly being asked questions about the benefit of going gluten-free so I felt it very appropriate to share with you Josh’s story on switching to a gluten-free lifestyle.

Miranda Jade Turbin


Josh’s story:

Before I became gluten-free I was running into the following problems. I was always tired, I was gaining weight no matter what I was doing,  I felt depressed, angry and frustrated, I was upset at people and the worst was I was getting sick quite often. I was getting sick over 30 times a year. The worst time I was sick for over a month and had to miss a lot of work.

I then found out I was very allergic to gluten. So much so that my body was having a ton of problems and thats why I was getting sick, tired, fatter, etc.I cut gluten out in November. I had a hard few weeks and slept a lot as my body fixed itself. Since then have over 10 times as much energy.  So much energy that I had to start exercising daily so I could do something with the energy. I then was inspired with being healthy and quite smoking cut out sugar 100%.  I have lost over 25 pounds and 3 inches off my waist since cutting out gluten in November. I wake up daily excited for the day and ready to hop out of bed and start my day. I work out daily because I have so much energy. I am so happy. I find that all areas of my life have improved. My work is going way better and my career is taking off for the first time. Also I have a steady girlfriend and have a strong interest of life and finding adventures. I find that I am so happy that I have a mission of going around and helping to make others happy now!

Becoming healthy has been one of the best choices I have ever made.

Born in Los Angeles, California, Josh began drawing and painting at a young age and spent many years working in these arts. He later became involved in filmmaking, creating a team to produce different film genres. On a music video project for Band of Horses, the team lost a cinematographer and Josh was handed a camera and learned on the spot how to use it, taught by one of his favorite photographers. Josh became interested then in photography, taking his first model on a photo shoot, at which point he fell in love with the art and has been doing as much photography as possible since, turning it into a rewarding career. Josh shoots fashion, art, landscapes, bands and just about anything else his eye can find in front of his camera.

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