What is Celiac Crisis?

Celiac crisis, although rare, is a condition that doctors and celiac patients should be informed about. A group of researchers has reviewed cases of celiac crisis, in an effort to form a better understanding of the condition. It remains poorly understood, but a grasp of celiac crisis can be vital to the health of celiac patients and can even save lives.

Celiac crisis, according to Celiac.com, is the “acute onset or rapid progression of gastrointestinal symptoms, together with signs or symptoms of dehydration or malnutrition that may be attributed to celiac disease.” It necessitates hospitalization and usually short-term supplemental nutrition.

Among all the cases, symptoms were found of “severe dehydration, renal dysfunction, and electrolyte disturbances,” according to Celiac.com. They all needed hospitalization and the administration of intravenous fluids; some needed corticosteroids, some parenteral nutrition. In all of the cases, it was found that a gluten-free diet had positive results.

Celiac crisis is found among adults, is a serious health condition, and has a high risk of death. Fortunately, its symptoms are clear, such as diarrhea for no apparent reason and malabsorption of food and nutrients. When such signs are presented, a test for celiac disease should be conducted by doctors. Treatment options include systemic steroids or oral budesonide. Additionally, short-term nutritional support should be provided until the time that the gluten-free diet has resulted in full alleviation of celiac symptoms of malabsorption.

Eleven cases had developed celiac crisis before celiac disease diagnosis. It is imperative that we increase celiac awareness, which will result in a higher incidence of correct celiac diagnoses. Those with celiac disease, understanding the cause of their symptoms, can take action by eliminating gluten from their diet and thus reducing their risk for celiac crisis.


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