Finding Great Gluten-Free Cookie Recipes to Bake with Your Celiac Child

     Baking cookies goes back a long way in my family, and I was quick to establish it as a Turbin family tradition with my own kids. When I was diagnosed with celiac disease and adopted a gluten-free diet, I began accumulating gluten-free recipes for cookies and other baked goods so the tradition could carry on.

     I now publish a wealth of gluten-free recipes online, on my gluten-free website as well as on my gluten-free blog. There are plenty of straightforward, delicious gluten-free cookie recipes for everyone’s favorite cookies. Gluten-free doesn’t mean sugar-free, so the kids will enjoy the gluten-free alternatives as much as gluten-containing cookies. I recommend certain brands for gluten-free flour mixes as a substitute for gluten-containing flour: Bob’s Red Mill, Glutino, and Pamela’s Products. These brands have received rave reviews in the celiac community.

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8 thoughts on “Finding Great Gluten-Free Cookie Recipes to Bake with Your Celiac Child

  1. I’m not just saying this because it’s your blog, but the kids and I truly love your cookie and other recipes the best!

  2. A cute activity is “making up” your own GF cookie recipes and then making your own cookbook. I did this once with my daughter and it was sooo much fun!

  3. Hi I am Dalton I am ten years old. I got diagnosed with ceiliac when I was 7. When I go to birthday partys I cant eat anything. I like gluten free cookies though.

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