Flying with Your Celiac Child

First of all, how you’ll manage your trip depends on your travel arrangements—will you be flying or driving? Nowadays, airlines allow its travelers to bring food onto airplanes with them. Each airline has its own set of guidelines which you can usually find online or ask a customer service representative about over the phone. For instance, one airline will require that you store your gluten-free foods in zip-loc baggies. Bring extra gluten-free foods, at least twice as much as you’ll think you’ll require, just in case there are layovers. Oftentimes airplane attendants will be happy to store your gluten-free food for you upon request.

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4 thoughts on “Flying with Your Celiac Child

  1. Hi Tina thanks for this post here. I really like your articles and blogs on travelling with celiac kids. Always very practical advice! It seems to me that the main ingredient is planning ahead and being prepared when it comes to dealing with the challenges have having a celiac child.

  2. Hi Ms. Turbin I love the advice that you need to bring twice what you say you need to bring because I always do that too! I literally figure out the exact amount we need then I bring two times as much LOL! I learned the hard way not bringing the right amount with me for almost a year before I got this bright idea.

  3. I used to be really nervous about taking my kids on vacations because as I’m not celiac I would just eat whatever I want without much planning and considered that to be one of the plus points of going on vacation. But it doesn’t really take THAT much planning. Just get a WHOLE BUNCH of gluten free snacks, way more than you think you’ll need, and chow down!

  4. I just don’t travel anymore. I kind of gave up after some bad experiences travelling as a celiac myself. Even when it seemed that I was doing everything right I’d still get sick! To this day I’m still confused about it, don’t know how I got gluten contamination. Anyway, since I would get sick, I didn’t want my son Ethan to get sick as well. When he’s a little older I’ll do it. For the time being we just go on small road trips which is satisfying enough.

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