Gluten-Free Hassle Free by Marlisa Brown

Author Marlisa Brown has a wealth of education and experience which she brings to her latest book, Gluten-Free Hassle Free.

This book is most definitely written in an easy-to-understand, worry-free, and practical manner, with the newly-diagnosed reader in mind, not leaving any leaf unturned. Any newly-diagnosed celiac or “non-celiac gluten intolerant” will feel well-informed.

Marlisa ensured she cleared up some of the most common areas of misunderstanding many people have such as testing, being diagnosed, the diet, nutrition, and nutrients. She covers why one can have symptoms and still negative celiac test results and what to do.

Each section is practical and easy to follow. With topics such as shopping, fast food, delis, restaurants, stocking a GF kitchen, social events, and dining cards in fourteen languages, and much more. Any reader can quickly refer to a particular section and immediately improve one’s life with ease.

Marlisa pays careful attention to focus on the things and foods any celiac or non-celiac gluten-intolerant can enjoy while offering over 100 delicious recipes, the cranberry quinoa salad being one of my favorites.

Marlisa speaks from over 30 years of experience—a compassionate registered dietitian, chef, and president and owner of Total Wellness, a nutritional consulting company offering service in her usual simple-to-understand, helpful and always easy-to-apply manner.

This resource guide is given a thumbs up and is HIGHLY recommended me.

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