Living Gluten Free – Right to Heal – Part 1 Sandi Star, CCN

I would like to introduce a wonderful woman with a wonderful purpose. Here is Sandi Star’s incredible gluten-free story which has led her to a healthy vibrant life. She is now helping others daily. Also learn about Sjögren’s Syndrome (autoimmune disease). Sjögren’s is one of the symptoms of Celiac disease which she will,  share with you as well. Read her first story with more Parts ( chapters) to come which Sandi will share every 2nd of the month.

After struggling for over 40 years with chronic migraines, IBS, Muscle and joint pain, fatigue, brain fog, asthma and a slew of other ailments and frustrations I decided to take a closer look at the cause rather than obsessing on the symptoms. I was tired of relying on doctors to give me answers and tired of the medications that only gave me side affects and little relief.

I had been committed to health and fitness for over 20 years, losing close to 50 pounds and 5 dress sizes, however I still had all the chronic conditions that played havoc in my life. I realized there was a key element missing and soon found out it was my reaction to gluten and dairy. I didn’t know enough about food intolerance or allergies or at least put the two together. I never believed food could have such a serious impact on overall health let alone be the direct cause of my diseases. With what I know today I’m surprised my doctor didn’t put the connection together when he diagnosed me with Sjögren’s Syndrome (autoimmune disease). Sjögren’s is one of the symptoms of Celiac disease amongst a long list including:

• Fatigue

• Addison’s disease (hormonal disorder)
• Gastrointestinal distress (gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, reflux)
• Headaches (including migraines)
• Infertility
• Mouth sores
• Weight loss/gain
• Inability to concentrate
• Moodiness/depression
• Amenorrhea/delayed menarche (menstrual cycles)
• Bone/joint/muscle pain
• Dental enamel hypoplasia (dental enamel defect)
• Short stature
• Seizures
• Tingling numbness in the legs.

Nutrition was the key to my healing process. By making the appropriate diet changes – (gluten and dairy free), I’ve managed to eliminate my migraines, IBS………etc., etc., meaning I reduced the inflammation in my body caused by gluten and dairy. I’ve also kept the Sjögren’s Syndrome under control. Even better, I have eliminated all medications and use food and natural remedies for nutrition and overall health.

I became a clinical nutritionist and started Karmic Health because I am so thrilled to be able to help others with my experience, education and passion in the field of nutrition and functional medicine. In the next issue I will get into the details of why it’s so important to understand gluten and how it has changed over the past 50 years; how it relates to many diseases. I’ll also explain wheat allergy verses intolerance and leaky gut; and of course the most extreme case – Celiac disease.

Sandi is the founder of Karmic Health; specializing in nutrition related to disease where a gluten and casein (dairy) free lifestyle is crucial. Sandi works with celiac disease, autism and all auto immune disorders. Sandi graduated from The Natural Healing Institute in Encinitas CA., with a degree in Clinical Nutrition and is continuing her studies in Clinical Herbology. She has hands on experience and a true understanding of many health issues and has dedicated her life in helping others reach their optimal health.

Sandi has created her own healthy snack Karmic Krunch which she sells on her site. Sandi shared this with me. ” Before I created Karmic Krunch I did my homework. I found most gluten free foods were not all that healthy. I wanted to make something taste like a treat but as a nutritionist I was focused on making it as healthy and nutrition dense as possible without preservatives and without compromising on taste or quality. I also took several food allergies into consideration: gluten, dairy, casein, soy, peanuts and sugar. I came up with Karmic Krunch and I believe I have the perfect formula!”

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Thank you Sandi!

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6 thoughts on “Living Gluten Free – Right to Heal – Part 1 Sandi Star, CCN

  1. Very satisfying crunch. Pretty sweet because it has alot of dried fruit in it, but plenty of nuts and seeds too.

  2. The Karmick Krunch snack product has a really great crunchy consistency, but it might be a little too sweet for people who don’t like alot of dried fruit and sweetner. The nutty flavor to it is great, but I like a little less sugar.

  3. My daughter really liked this — it is great for school lunches. More like a trail mix than a granola, although some people call it granola.

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