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The Gluten Free Certifications Organization has given a thumbs up to Nu Go Free’s bars – Carrot Cake (in other words “Yum”), Dark Chocolate Crunch (double yum) and Dark Chocolate Trail Mix (hiking with yum).

These three bars are out of this world in taste and are free of the common alternative vegetable fats that offset the many benefits of true dark chocolate. Each 16 oz bar has a full 9 grams of rice protein.  They are all free of soy, vegan as well as dairy.

These three bars came out in 2009; each batch is tested and is made in a glut –free facility. They are really a terrific bar to take on the run or even stick in your child’s lunch box for a mid-day snack.

Owner, David Levine got into the gluten-free nutrition bar arena in 1999. After seeing the issues revolving gluten he knew there was a need. Being a company that cares about lifestyle and nutrition- hence HEALTHY gluten-free bars came in to the picture.

We tested these on kids 4-9 years old and they all liked them.  This says a lot.  Of course all the adults gave them a thumbs up.

Remember, every batch is tested for traces of gluten.

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9 thoughts on “NuGo Bars

  1. I am SO glad you featured this company. My husband, who’s the pickiest eater in the world and doesn’t like any of my gf foods, loves these bars. I’m going to order some more now!

  2. Hi, Tina. I really enjoy this brand’s bars and I’m pretty picky. I’m happy to see you spotlighting them here. They deserve the attention and the accolades!

  3. Hi, Tina I’ve been reading your gluten free help blog for quite some time and I always love the companies you recommend. I can’t wait to try NuGo Bars too!

  4. I don’t think I could have too many gluten-free protein bars in my pantry–they’re a perfect snack especially before and after workouts and when I’m on the go. Can’t wait to try NuGo!

  5. The carrot cake is good! Really Really good….I buy handfuls at a time and they never last longer than a week at my house.

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