Food Company Review: simplyrice™

Simplyrice™ rice crisps are gluten-free snacks with a kick. Each flavor is really a taste to be

I love organic brown jasmine rice and this is the base for simply rice crackers. They have only four
ingredients and all are 100% organic, according to the company: brown jasmine rice, sunflower oil,
sea salt, and the particular seasonings for the given product.

Anyone on a gluten-free diet and celiac patients can feel safe purchasing simplyrice™.

My testers raved about all the flavors. So do I.

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8 thoughts on “Food Company Review: simplyrice™

  1. I’m glad to hear that there are only FOUR ingredients. That’s pretty amazing! I think that’s a good sign of eating whole foods rather than processed foods with all those chemical additives. I have been gluten-free for four years, and for the first two years I ate a lot of processed gluten-free snacks, and I didn’t feel good at all. It wasn’t until I totally changed my diet in favor of whole , natural foods that I began to notice real healing. I can’t wait to give this product a try, as it will fit in perfectly with my diet. Thanks.

  2. So inspired by your review I went out today and got the Sea Salt flavor and I couldn’t stop eating. Seriously. Could. Not. Stop. Not only are they really tasty but the crunchy texture also satisfies something within me. In short, I’ll be buying this product again, but I’ll only eat it around someone who can help me maintain my self-control!

  3. @Sharon You are absolutely right I think about how the fewer ingredients, the better. I too have really changed my diet around and now I rarely ever buy foods with long ingredient lists or ingredients that I don’t really understand with complex chemical names. Yikes! What is half that stuff anyway? Probably acts like poison in our bodies!

  4. Love these with all sorts of gluten-free spreads and sauces–salsa, cheese spread, onion dip, blue cheese dressing…I know there’s more, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head. See, what’s so nice about simplyrice rice crisps is that they go with so much that it’s like you’re reinventing this snack each time you use a different spread. Makes for nice variety!

  5. I saw these today and really thought about getting them and now I’m like, “Darn! I should have!” Oh well…next time. They seem like they would be really perfect with guacamole…actually anything seems like it would go well with guacamole. I think I just need some guacamole!

  6. @Holly LOL! You make these sound so good. I’m going to get a bag the next time I go grocery shopping! I see these all the time at the health food store.

  7. OMG these are my new favorite snack chips! I don’t eat them alone, though, although I definitely could because they’re really good by themselves, but so I don’t stuff myself on just chips I always add toppings like cheese and salsa. I recommend doing this because it’s actually a good way to sneak in your veggies and other important foods each day.

  8. @Sharon and Holly- I’ve just recently, like in the past week, have become concerned about and aware of how processed much of my gluten free diet is. I think you’re onto something regarding the number of ingredients. I am probably going to stick with salads and a protein source though for a while in order to “make up for lost time” after eating so much junk over the past 2 1/2 years.

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