Mara’s Melt-in-Your-Mouth Coconut Oil Fudge


My dear friend Mara created this decadent recipe. Treat yourself and some lucky guests to this gluten-free, grain-free, raw recipe. The coconut oil adds the perfect nutty touch.



3/4 c coconut oil (liquefied by placing in a bowl of hot water)

Less than ¾ c Rapadura (a whole unprocessed natural sugar), Sucanat or honey (or white sugar, if you must)

½ c carob powder or organic cocoa powder

¼ tsp Celtic sea salt

1/8 tsp vanilla bean (scrape the inner beans out with a spoon) (or vanilla extract)



1. Melt the coconut oil.

2. If using Rapadura or Sucanat, blend it in a dry blender until becomes a light powder.

3. Mix all ingredients together in a blender until just smooth.

4. Pour into a large glass lasagna pan or something equivalent in size.

5. Let it sit out at room temperature (below 70 degrees) or in the refrigerator.

6. Cut into small candy-sized pieces. Store in the refrigerator for up to 12 months.

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2 thoughts on “Mara’s Melt-in-Your-Mouth Coconut Oil Fudge

  1. Really mouth-watering! Glad to see this recipe. I love any kinds of food that has coconut oil in it. It’s because I love the smell and taste of coconut when cooked. I’ll probably try this recipe on weekend. I actually call coconut as miracle fruit. It’s because everything that comes from this fruit is really useful – from roots to its fruit. And coconut oil is one of the beneficial product of coconut. Aside from the fact that coconut oil can be used for skin and hair, having it as part of a recipe when cooking is one of the coconut oil benefits that I am really thankful for. I also love the fact that it is organic.

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