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Livin Spoonful, what a great name. I was wondering what these 3-in-by-3-in. crackers were going to taste like. They are fairly thick and loaded with healthy, sprouted and dehydrated ingredients, sprouted sunflower seeds, sprouted flax, organic carrots, organic kale, etc.


I tested 4 different flavors, just the right variety to satisfy one’s particular mood first. I grabbed the Pesto Pumpkin Seed—wowwee. The flavors were bursting, but each bite tasted ever so slightly different. Next, I tested the Coconut Curry. I felt as if the delicate dining of a fine Indian restaurant had passed my palate, then the second bite was as if I had tasted the sweetness of a coconut cookie. Again, each bite offered its own flavors. The other two, Sunny Garden Herb and Caraway Crispy Crackers were just as good. If you want a good rye bread without the bread, head to Livin Spoonfuls!


Owners Jim Brosseau and Sue Mackoney have been making GF products since 2002. They share a similar passion to help others. They informed me their crackers are made in small batches and are all handmade, hence the variations of size and shape.

As a special feature, Livin Spoonfuls offers the option to custom-blend your crackers. Yes, you want carrot cake dehydrated crackers? They will work out the perfect recipe with a phone consultation and do their best to make your wish come true.

Fine people, fine products!

Tina Turbin

This food company is given a thumbs up and is HIGHLY recommended by Tina Turbin, award-winning author and founder of

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8 thoughts on “Livin Spoonful – A Terrific Gluten-Free Company

  1. These crackers do wonders for a salad – I just crumble them up and sprinkle them within – wonderful products!

  2. Two words: coconut curry – these are incredible with hummus – and even kids will take to these if served to them properly…

  3. I love this company and I love their name! Great to see that they’re getting noticed… I’ve been a fan for many years and have to say that my favorite product is the pesto… with a tomato salsa… wow.

  4. Food that tastes this good almost makes you think it can’t be good for you… this company makes incredible “living” crackers. Raw food is definitely the way to go in ensuring one’s health. Thanx for the great review Tina!

  5. I shared these amazing crackers with a family of 6 that don’t typically eat gluten-free and they were amazed at the hearty and explosive taste… how fun to expose others to the joy of eating delicious food that is also good for the body.

  6. I think the Pesto pumkin seed would be good as in a fresh made bread. instead of eating rice, I would just use Coconut curry to liven up my asian dishes. The Sunny garden herb goes great in a salad!

  7. Pesto pumpkin seed has A LOT of flavor. The spices used in all of their products are very well used. Especially the Caraway crips.

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