The Gluten-Free Registry: Making Life Easier for the Gluten-Free Community

It all began as a list of gluten-free friendly restaurants for their personal information, became a website, and is now an internet phenomenon listing over 17,600 businesses that accommodate the needs of the gluten-free community; if you haven’t heard of the Gluten-Free Registry, it’s time to check out this highly valuable internet resource.

If you’ve recently switched to eating gluten-free, or even if you’ve been on the diet for many years, you’re probably well-acquainted with the challenges of the gluten-free lifestyle. Eating out and traveling are among the top trials that we face on the gluten-free diet. Thanks to the Gluten-Free Registry, these facets of our lives don’t have to be a cause for inconvenience anymore.

How does it work? On the Gluten-Free Registry homepage, you can click on your state on the map and then proceed to a page with an advanced search to fill in additional information such as the city of interest. You can also order a print magazine specifically put together for your region or conduct a search with your mobile phone, and even map results on your iPhone or GPS.

Not only is this vast database helpful for people eating out in their local area, but it is an ideal tool for gluten-free travelers. Whether you’re planning a vacation or travel regularly for work, you can use the Gluten Free Registry’s handy search tool to find gluten-free friendly eateries along your journey or in your destination city.

Not only does the Gluten Free Registry help to improve the quality of life for celiac and gluten-sensitive individuals by providing this information on gluten-free friendly businesses, but it also seeks to persuade restaurants to create gluten-free items, or even a gluten-free menu, and grocers to carefully label their gluten-free products. The Gluten Free Registry uses the argument of gaining a competitive advantage when they promote to a businesses the importance of becoming gluten-free-friendly.

After all, the numbers of people with celiac disease is staggering. It’s estimated that 1 in 100 Americans has the disease, which is an intolerance to gluten resulting in an autoimmune reaction targeting the villi, or absorptive “fingers,” of the small intestine and a variety of devastating physical and mental symptoms. With three million celiac Americans in need of eliminating gluten from their diet in order to safeguard their health, not to mention gluten-sensitive  individuals who don’t have celiac disease, it’s important for restaurants and food businesses to accommodate the gluten-free community.

If you’re looking to donate money on behalf of the gluten-free community, the Gluten Free Registry is a worthy cause. The website provides free access to its vast database and depends on advertising and sales from the GPS POI and their online store. According to the website, the Registrar Team says the endeavor is mainly privately funded. They welcome donations of as little as $1, saying that even this amount is helpful. If you’d like to make a donation, you can conveniently do so online via their website.

The Gluten Free Registry stands out in the gluten-free community as a major source of information and support for celiac and gluten-sensitive individuals. Just by making dining out and traveling gluten-free easier experiences, they have made a significant difference in our quality of life.

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The Gluten-Free Registry

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  1. I love to hear about how websites and businesses like this grow. The GF Registry does a great job–glad to have it as a resource!

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