I, Tina Turbin Share a Recent Real Story as a Celiac

I am sharing my story open hearted with everyone here.

I want you to know I get nothing for writing this. This is simply my recent success as a celiac:

I was diagnosed celiac many years ago and despite being off of gluten I still lacked “something.” I was on vitamin B injections to help get more nutrients in my diet and these helped me loads but did not totally handle the occasional changes in my digestion.

I am a children’s author and travel a lot on Tours as well as visits with my books here and there. I need to eat out quite a bit as a result. I have a hard time eating out as many celiacs yet bring my own dressings, bread etc. to help myself the best I can. I still seem to get the cross contamination here and there and the set-backs can be a bit rough. Some days it will take a few days to get the digestion back to normal. This has been going on for years since the diagnosis. As long as I was off of gluten, I am good but not thriving physically as I knew I could and should be. This all changed on my recent book tour up in the New England area.

I also need to mention I take a lot of supplements to try and get the nutrients I felt I lacked. On top of this as a celiac, I am never 100% sure with all the fillers what I am getting. The hunt is always on for a more pure herb, vitamin or mineral without fillers to ease the digestion of the supplements themselves.

While on my Book Tour in New England I walked was into a Whole Foods and looked in the vitamin section, as always. (I had had a rough three previous days due to getting gluten in a salad that the chef said was not gluten, and he knew nothing about gluten after all) I saw this Bio-K product in the refrigerated section which I have seen often yet never took as it had dairy. As a celiac I am like many who do not tolerate the casein or dairy. Today I saw something I had not seen before, Bio-K Plus, DAIRY FREE. Wow, this was interesting and for some reason it was one of those things that sort of jumped out and I ‘knew” there was something right about it. I took one little bottle in my cart and proceeded down the aisle. About 10 minutes later, still shopping I decided to taste the Bio-K and my world has not been the same since!

I took a little sip and my body went “zing!” I mean my stomach felt great, then a short bit later my intestines felt soothed and I felt like this was doing something real good for me and to my body. I went right back to the refrigerated section and grabbed up the rest of what they had. I knew I would need and want this for the remainder of my Book Tour.

Every day I drank a half to a whole little 3.5 ounce of my Bio-K plus Dairy-Free bottle. Every day I felt better and better. I felt like my food was starting to absorb, I felt healthier, I felt like my wonderful additional supplements which I placed in my shakes were rapidly absorbing and going right into my every cell. The Bio-K was healing my small intestinal lining (I know it) and giving me the good intestinal flora I could not maintain as a celiac.

I went back to my home town after the tour. The changes have been phenomenal. No I can not eat gluten, that is a given. Yes, I am stronger; I have gained a couple pounds, actually muscle. This is another issue I must mention. I have not been able to gain muscle. I had lost weight over the years of not being diagnosed properly and lost tremendous muscle tone. I was an avid athlete as a kid and very strong and vibrant and had terrific muscle tone even through three children. When I started later as an adult having symptoms I ended up with a different body. As a woman, so many of us love to be skinny in fact so many strive to be. It was sort of nice to have no weight problem, be tiny and all that but still I could not get a muscle for the life of me.

Since the Bio-K has been a part of my life for now just about 3 months I can honestly say I feel this product can help a celiac heal and get back to normal. I know many celiacs who do not look like pictures of health still. I feel that any adult or child diagnosed should give this a good try. I was amazed and I will keep on using it.

I am now hooked on the taste too!  I believe I have fortified my body so well now and that it has helped me to absorb two other incredible products I could not absorb and they too have helped me gain in health and strength. I feel as good as before I was ever diagnosed with celiac. I NEVER thought I’d ever say that.

Thank you to everyone at Bio K Plus Pharma!

Tina Turbin

From our home to yours, Tina Turbin
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4 thoughts on “I, Tina Turbin Share a Recent Real Story as a Celiac

  1. I have experienced something very similar. After a few months it even seems that my tollerance to things that would normally cause problems, such as dairy, has improved significantly. I also find that it speeds the recovery process when I do have gluten, normally it would take 5 – 7 days to get back to ‘normal’ and it is now only 2 or 3.

  2. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is magnificent blog. A fantastic read. I’ll certainly be back.

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