Gluten-Free Multivitamin and Telomeres


If you’ve been keeping up with me for a while, you’ve probably heard me mention and quote the benefits of a GF multivitamin on the gluten-free diet. After all, it’s common sense health advice. Now there’s scientific evidence that shows that taking a daily multivitamin also increases longevity!

The study in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that with a daily vitamin supplement, telomeres were lengthened by 5.1%. Not just any vitamins were taken, but specifically the powerful antioxidants, Vitamins B12, C, and E.  Telomeres are considered to be the anti-aging “key.” Part of the DNA, they’re found in every cell in the body. As cells divide, however, telomeres become shorter, which means that cells are getting “older,” and lengthening telomeres will lead to a longer, healthier life.

You can take B12, C, and E regularly in supplement form, but it’s important to also get these in your diet as well. Food sources of Vitamin B12 include grass-fed beef, salmon, tuna, and milk; vitamin C can be found in produce such as kiwi, strawberry, orange, grapefruit, and red and green bell peppers; and vitamin E can be found in spinach, broccoli, almonds, peanuts, olive oil and kiwi.

Here are the minimum daily values recommended in supplements for keeping telomeres long: 100 mcg of Vitamin B12, 3,000 mg of non-synthetic Vitamin C, and 200 to 400 IU of vitamin E in mixed tocopherols form, the last of which needs to be taken with food because it is a fat-soluble supplement, requiring fat in order to be absorbed.

Now you have no excuse not to take your GF multivitamin every day—not only is it “insurance” to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need, but it’s also an effective anti-aging method at minimum cost and maximum convenience!

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12 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Multivitamin and Telomeres

  1. This is fantastic information. I know that taking vitamins and antioxidants can extend your life, but I’ve never known exactly what to take and how much to take. Can’t believe how much vitamin C you need to take! And these are just multivitamins, not even including what you’ll be getting of these vitamins in your diet from the food you eat.

  2. Hi Tina I’ve enjoyed your blog for some time now. It seems like you’re reading my mind or something! I was just telling the Hubbster the other day that I would love to find out more about anti-aging and the vitamins we should take for that. Then poof! Your article arrives here right before my eyes. Brilliant!

  3. I was wondering if anyone has any gluten-free multivitamin brand recommendations? Still haven’t found “The One.”

  4. I’ve heard that the food you eat and also a couple of other supplements can make a difference in the length of telomeres too. I don’t know exactly what the study was that was done, but I believe it had to do with how fresh fruits and veggies helps with that. Also, coenzyme q10 has been shown to help too. If anyone knows of the studies that support these, I would love to have the information. Thanks! Nicole

  5. This is definitely something I need to improve on…my vitamins. I always mean to take them, and I own quite a collection, but I never get around to it. I probably only have them once a month! Eek! It does help knowing that they will help me increase my life span. Easy enough to just pop a few vitamins in your life and then you get to live longer. That’s pretty cool!

  6. I have found that if I don’t like vitamins, I won’t take them. I need to get some vitamins that I really enjoy and that I know my body is absorbing well. Then I can take these vitamin recommendations regularly on a daily basis. I am so motivated now to take my vitamins! Thanks for this great post.

  7. Hi I’m glad that you listed the foods that you can get these vitamins in because I think that multivitamins are good insurance and everyone should take them as just that: insurance. I bet if you did studies on telomeres compared against people’s diets you would find that people who ate healthy and had a lot of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables will live longer too. And the best part of eating right to live longer? Healthier food actually does taste better than fried and junk foods (once you get yourself unaddicted) so your quality of life is better and plus when you eat well you look and feel better too. So all around you can’t lose by eating right!

  8. I am very happy to hear that living longer can be pretty easy. It seems like a pain to take my vitamins but that’s just me being lazy. It’s actually really easy to take some supplements as compared to exercise, which I’m still trying to fit into my schedule (I work out once or twice a week but I’d really like to be doing it 6 days a week as I was doing back in college).

  9. I’m really glad you’ve been posting all this stuff on vitamins and I also agree with some of the people that have posted here about the importance of getting these vitamins in your diet. I have found that both a well-balanced diet as well as the vitamins have led me to feel much better. Even if I don’t live longer, I look and feel great so it’s entirely worth it just for my increased quality of life!

  10. Wow I really have to take my vitamins more often! I recommend for buying supplements. They are amazing! I mean, you’ll save almost 50% on your supplements by shopping through them instead of at your local health food store, plus shopping is so cheap too. So look for your fave gf supplements and see if they’re offered through vitacost and order them!

  11. Ok I think the universe has given me a sign that I need to take my vitamins from now on! I used to take them for a while but after I finished the last bottle I stopped. I’ve just been lazy.

  12. Hmm pretty convincing stuff here in terms of getting you to take your vitamins huh? It just goes to show you that anti-aging isn’t really anything miraculous, it just requires taking good care of your body. Pretty simple when you think about it!

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