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It may not be the only website geared toward helping people with gluten sensitivity, but according to its home page, it was the first of its kind. The Gluten Free Society is dedicated to “educating patients and doctors about gluten,” containing a variety of resources to accomplish just that, as well as encouragement and support for those who are on the gluten-free diet with testimonials and an active forum.

One of the Gluten Free Society’s primary goals is educating people about the effects of gluten on those who are sensitive or intolerant to this common food allergen. The website is at the cutting edge of educational technology, using a variety of audiovisual and written aids to instruct people about gluten and the “true” grain-free gluten-free diet and lifestyle. From the home page, you can click on the Video Tutorials tab and pull up fifteen videos, including “Gluten Sensitivity –  What is it?”, “Gluten-Sensitive? What now?” and “Taking Your Pantry Gluten-Free?” Some of these videos are rather lengthy, packed with information, such as “Gluten Sensitivity-What is it?” which is about 37 minutes long.

Further educating people about gluten sensitivity as well as boosting their morale, the Encouragement section includes Gluten Free Testimonials, a collection of videos featuring real people sharing their experiences of going gluten-free. Not only is the gluten-free community in need of information regarding their condition and the diet, but it needs support, which is what these videos provide.

The Gluten-Free Society also provides information about genetic testing for celiac disease and gluten sensitivity with a home test kit, saving people from the inconvenience of having scheduling a doctor visit and allowing them privacy from their insurance company.  The test results are mailed back quickly with your results.  In such a way, the Gluten-Free Society is directly contributing toward a higher diagnosis rate, as a correct diagnosis is the first step on the road to recovery of one’s health after the damaging effects of gluten.

The Forum is another feature the Gluten-Free Society offers to help the gluten-free community find valuable information, support, and the opportunity to connect with others. This is particularly useful for gluten-free individuals living in smaller communities without celiac support groups or other gluten-free groups established locally. It also gives gluten-free individuals the opportunity to share their own experiences and wisdom in order to help others. Gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye, that has the potential to severely harm the health of millions of people. It’s estimated that one percent or three million Americans have celiac disease, and according to The Food Intolerance Consumer, fifteen percent of the population are gluten-sensitive. It is fortunate that we have the Gluten-Free Society to provide much needed information and support for the growing community of gluten-free individuals.

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The Gluten-Free Society

The Food Intolerance Consumer: Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease

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  1. What a cute and helpful site! Our son has had many issues with foods that some are actual allergies and then he had tons of intolerances too. He reacted with awful eczema and it seemed there was no support in our local community and no one had any answers for us. It wasn’t until we gave him Belly Boost which is a kids chewable probiotic that his eczema went away and he was able to eat so many more foods. It’s too bad that this is really on the rise and I just hope more research comes out to help people! Glad I found you!

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