Nick and the Shrinking Inner Spaceship- Book Review

A lot of change has occurred in the gluten-free community and field in the last few years. Even since I was diagnosed 6 years ago a lot has happened. More and more young kids are getting diagnosed correctly with celiac disease. This means for them, that they get to skip the years and years of physical discomfort, emotional stress and digestive issues ( just to name a few) that so many of us went through.


That brings me to Nick and the Shrinking Inner Spaceship. A book by Nick Schmitz and help from his loving mother Marcia. Although only 7 years old, Nick wanted to share his story with others in a fun way in hopes that he could make celiac disease more understood for anyone at any age.


While reading over Nick and the Shrinking Inner Spaceship I couldn’t help but smile. The hints of youth were so refreshing and sincere. A great book to read to your celiac child for some quality time and education. The pictures and fun colors are sure to keep your little ones attention and the storyline couldn’t get any cuter. Never have I seen the words “rocket man underpants” in a book I have reviewed.


Once celiac disease is understood by your child, keeping them away from it and off of it will be a lot easier. Let Nick help you with that with this fun and creative story of a trip through Nick’s little brother Charlie’s digestive track. This is an adventure you don’t want to miss! 1$ of every sale is being donated to NFCA as well. The celiac community is stronger than ever!


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