Gluten-Free, Grain-Free Chocolate Piping

Chocolate Piping


I made shapes of hearts and ovals but really any shape can be made.  These gluten-free, soy-free chocolate “designs” can be used on tops of cupcakes, cakes, served with a cup of cappuccino or with a small bowl of fruit for a classy dessert.

Make sure you make the piping thick enough.




1. ½ package (5 oz.) of Enjoy Life Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips

2. Parchment triangles


  1. Place chocolate in pan on low heat and stir with a wooden spoon constantly or place in a Pyrex cup in microwave for 30 seconds at a time and stir at each break.
  2. Take a piece of waxed or parchment paper and tape it to your cookie sheet (or counter top like I did) – draw the shapes you desire.
  3. Roll your triangles into cone shapes.
  4. Once melted you’re ready to fill your parchment paper triangles but make sure the tip is very small, allowing a little chocolate out.  Roll over the top of the parchment and gently squeeze.
  5. Place in refrigerator or freezer.  Peel off gently.  Enjoy.


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