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Reviewing and testing Cajun Choice products was not only an educational experience in the kitchen, it was also an educational experience in the culture of Louisiana, Creoles and Cajuns.

As we tested the various spice seasonings sent to us, we pleasantly transformed the simplest of dishes into delicious meals bursting with flavors perfectly teasing our palates. We all have a new love and appreciation for Cajun/Creole fare.

Cajuns, who are direct descendants of the Acadian French of Nova Scotia (after relocating there from Normandy), eventually relocated to Louisiana after being forced to leave Nova Scotia by the British. Indigenous ingredients introduced to them by the Choctaw Indians combined with their own French flair resulted in the best of flavor combinations. Creoles on the other hand are French, Spanish, African, or Italian by heritage. Louisiana is thus quite a melting pot with the various cultural influences from the many years of immigration and purchases and sales of Louisiana.

I have found through Cajun Choices seasoning packs a true blend of the best of both worlds – known as “Louisiana cooking.”

We used the Blackened Seasoning on a variety of dishes of fish, chicken and beef. The most unique property to this spice was its ability to make each fish dish taste different. No two dishes tasted even remotely alike, despite using the same spice. The oils picked up the spices and evoked their own flavors. Amazing and delicious. This was one of our favorite spices! Try it even on eggs!

The Cajun Shrimp seasoning was a whole new surprise. Shrimp, scallops and burgers never tasted so good. We again took a simple seasoning mix and played with it in a variety of ways only to be pleasantly surprised with each dish.

The Creole Seasoning has a kick! This is truly a spicier, hotter flavor and perfect for anyone wanting a bit more “bite” in their meal or dish. It is incredible added to our Sorgum Popcorn and our Red Pepper Soup that we came up with.

They have a Jambalaya Mix which converts your sausage and chicken into a dish that tastes as if you’re sitting right there on the Mississippi River.

Last but not least, we enjoyed Cajun’s Choice Shrimp, Crab and Crawfish Boil. We followed the directions, adding corn on the cob, smoked sausage and potatoes. It was the easiest one-step boiling meal with a rewarding flavor for so little effort.

Cajun’s Choice was founded in 1985 out of a desire to devise genuine Cajun flavors addressing the misconception that Cajun is only “hot.” Blending the right ingredients in the exact proper rations, without overpowering our taste buds, the small team at Cajun’s Choice have enabled us at home to enjoy one of America’s favorite regional cuisines, gluten-free and true to taste.

We love all the products we tested and will keep these spices as staples in our kitchen from now on.

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8 thoughts on “Food Review: Cajun’s Choice

  1. I know, they’re history is so fascinating. I took a vacation in Louisiana when I was younger (and still eating gluten) and I was so amazed by the rich history and the pride and accomplishment of their cooking. It kind of reminded me of visiting France where they also talk a lot about their food and seem very proud of it (I guess Italy is like this too). I love to cook so it’s so nice to find cultures that love it too and where so many people are excellent at this art. You know that any culture like this has to have GREAT food and the Cajuns and Creoles and Acadians certainly do!

  2. Cajun’s Choice is really good, too. I don’t feel like I’m eating the gluten-free “alternative” when I use this stuff. I feel like I’m eating the high-quality “Real Thing” when I season my meat with their products.

  3. Wow a great review and also a history lesson too! I never knew the full history on Cajuns vs. Creoles vs. Acadians. It was always confusing to me and I was like, “Isn’t it all basically the same anyway?” The food may be very similar, but now I see these are totally different groups of people!

  4. Hi Tina. I’m really a fan of spicing dishes up with Cajun seasoning and I’ve been using Cajun’s Choice for a long time. You can transform standard dishes instantaneously with some of their seasoning, such as scrambled eggs, potato pancakes, and hummus. That’s right–I make Cajun hummus!!!

  5. Hi Tina I love Cajun Choice and didn’t realize they’re gluten-free. I went GF about a year ago and I just sort of forgot about Cajun spices. I can’t wait to pick up some of their stuff the next time I go grocery shopping!

  6. @Judy that’s funny, I forgot about Cajun too! I usually think of different ethnic food spices–like Asian, Mexican, Indian, and Italian, but OF COURSE we have Cajun in our own backyard here! I’m really looking forward to trying Cajun’s Choice again (it’s been a few years, but I remember it fondly).

  7. Hi Tina great blog you have here! I love Cajun’s Choice! I was so happy when I found it out was gluten-free not long after I was diagnosed celiac. It was such a comfort because I love using all sorts of spices so I knew I wouldn’t be missing out on my favorite flavors even if I was cutting out gluten.

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