Coffee and Celiacs


Coffee has become a staple in our modern society, as many people like to begin their day with a hot cup. Everywhere we go, this coffee culture surrounds us, and stores and cafes are always brewing up their best. Something important to discuss would be the topic of coffee and celiacs. This is not to say that coffee beans contain gluten, but to bring to your attention that there can be cross-contamination with coffee beans and other gluten-containing products. For my friends who are celiac or gluten sensitive, I encourage you to read on about contamination possibilities.

With the possibility that cross-contamination can happen with coffee, you may wonder why you would pick up a cup of Joe again? Well, I want to ensure that you are aware of the many benefits that come from coffee consumption. For my coffee lovers out there, you may not need more reasons to indulge, but being aware of the benefits may sway our other readers to consider adding a cup to their morning routine.


The benefits of coffee include easing inflammation, weight loss, boosting metabolism, healthier gut microbiotas, improved cognitive function, and healthier arteries. With a black cup of coffee, you may be able to prevent and manage various health issues. For instance, research has indicated that coffee can help in the prevention of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, manage diabetes, improve mood and liver health, and reduce the risk of cancer. Coffee is an incredible source of antioxidants and has high levels of Vitamin B2 and Magnesium.

Although this cross-contamination may be likely to occur, it can be avoided with more knowledge on the topic (check out my FAQ page on my paleo website for a closer look). If you are one who enjoys flavored coffee, you may want to pay close attention because some can contain barley as an ingredient or have an alcohol base derived from a grain.

I mentioned cross-contamination, and you may wonder how this occurs. When coffee is processed in various facilities, it is possible that the equipment used to process the coffee beans has been used to handle other products that contain gluten. This is true of restaurants and cafes as well. It is unfortunate that we cannot be 100% certain that our coffee beans did not come into contact with gluten. When ordering a specialty drink, it is possible that other types of coffee were also brewed in that same coffee maker. If it were to be a flavored coffee the chances of this cross-contamination greatly increase.


This does not necessarily mean that coffee is out of the question if you have celiac disease. In fact, there are so many benefits that come from consuming coffee, that you may want to consider incorporating it into your diet if it isn’t already. There are many options to consider in order to decrease the chances of cross-contamination. Purchasing pure organic coffee beans may be the best option for you so that you may brew your own gluten-free coffee at home. There are also chain coffeehouses that commit to gluten-free coffee beans and you can always inform your barista of your gluten sensitivity prior to ordering.

The gluten-free diet does not limit what we can consume, but rather allows us to think outside the box and develop recipes and options. I love coffee, too, and being celiac and taking part in the paleo diet means that I am extra careful when purchasing my coffee beans. Options such as Bulletproof Coffee and Purity Coffee offer coffee that has greater health benefits and is gluten-free. These are just two options to consider, and I recommend doing some of your own research to find the coffee that is right for you! As always, if you have any questions you may reach out to me!

For more information on the benefits of coffee, you may want to take a look at these references!

For a closer look on the positive effects of black coffee, these references have you covered. You will be amazed at the impact that coffee consumption can have on your health!

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