EMFs and Your Gluten Free Health Quest

EMFs-and-Your-Gluten-Free-Health-QuestHealth Quest

EMFs and your gluten free health quest is simply a matter of becoming educated to allow a blending of this information for optimal health benefits. I was asked by a prominent physician to be part of a compilation project where I gathered relevant research on this topic. I am happy to share a bit about each reference used to emphasize the impact EMFs have on our overall health, giving you a start on research for you and your family!

One of the most impactful references I viewed was a movie, Generation Zapped, which I highly recommend watching to see how the everyday exposure to wireless technologies can have a negative impact on our health. If this is the first time you have heard of EMFs, this reference is a great place to start! EMFs (electromagnetic fields) are clearly explained and the dangers of exposure are made evident.

The effects of everyday exposure to EMFs range from infertility to cancer. Though we may not be able to see, touch, or smell EMFs, there are multiple symptoms that people experience as a direct result  of exposure, which you can read about here. Through further scientific research, I came across a study conducted worldwide regarding illness from EMF exposure that will get you thinking more about what you can do lessen these effects!

Concern is raised when considering the tech environment today’s children are being raised in. With technological advances such as Wi-Fi classrooms, you may want to spend some time reading about the effects this could have here!

From further research, I would like to supply you with some options of devices that can be a part of the solution to a safer and healthier environment. You have taken the time to focus on your celiac or gluten sensitive diet and health, now with this information, you are given the ability to focus on your environment and cellular health!

Although not directly addressing gluten free issues and recipes in this blog, we have explored a topic for optimum health mastery. Below are specific details I gathered and the direct links for you to educate yourself and decide what is right for you.

A movie you will want to watch!  EMF Documentary and preview of movie: GENERATION ZAPPED the movie link below was still live on 12/27/2020 https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/generation-zapped/id1389506959

YouTube and Google took down and blocked the movie as of this writing. I am hoping you can still get this on iTunes while it is still available at the time you are reading this. iTunes link is above at top of this page! You can also read about it if you would like here: https://generationzapped.com/about 

Dr. George Carlo, the world-class experts in the field, including the man who literally wrote the book on cell phone radiation entitled Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age, Dr. Carlo, science, and public policy expert, shares his story in the movie Generation Zapped (above).  He is also quoted in many blog posts, here, he talks about Cancer and Cellphone Radiation and here:  https://www.amazon.com/Generation-Zapped-Dominique-Belpomme/dp/B07DP9LXF1 

Let us learn a bit on how this works and what this means. EMFs: https://blog.daveasprey.com/how-protect-yourself-wireless-devices-emfs

Maybe you, a friend or family member is experiencing EMF Symptoms? There are SOLUTIONS to protect our health, our cells and ultimately our bodies. https://techwellness.com/blogs/expertise/emf-radiation-symptoms-and-protection 

Here is a terrific a PDF to get a grip on the scene- SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2401/5737/files/tw-research-symptoms-after-exposure-to-smart-meter-radiation.pdf?2793027397945490951 

Now, here is a wonderful to-the-point Podcast you can listen to while on a walk outside- PODCAST:


This is a must read for teachers, parents and anyone who cares about our kids and the future of our planet: KIDS and EMFs: https://generationzapped.com/about

I cannot end this without including these specific References. I feel advice is optimum when it offers education, proven and or scientific evidence and logical and workable solutions where warranted. Science and facts are all proven in the following links but again; please do your own homework. I am not recommending any one of these and there are several others out there: INFORMATION ON SPECIFIC TESTING DEVICES:

  1. https://slt.co
  2. https://www.cnet.com/pictures/silent-pocket-faraday-phone-cases
  3. https://www.radiationhealthrisks.com/best-air-tube-headsets/#dr
  4. https://www.radiationhealthrisks.com/best-air-tube-headsets/#defender
  5. https://techwellness.com/products/anti-radiation-emf-protection-headphone-headset

As always if you have any questions or want to reach out to me, please do! Also, don’t forget to make something delicious tonight. Like my crab cakes. In good health! 

From our home to yours, Tina Turbin
If you have any questions or suggestions just email me at info (at) GlutenFreeHelp.info.

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  1. I always feel 100% better when our power goes out due to a storm. I notice the difference right away

    1. Wow! Incredible! Try turning as much off when you go to sleep and see if that helps you any. I always turn things off and put my phone in a different part of the house to charge in the evenings. Even just doing that makes a big difference for me.

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