Can Do Kid- A Terrific Gluten-Free Company


Do you like children, delicious food, and supporting a terrific cause? Well, I’ve got quite a food company to share with you!  The name is Can Do Kid.

Can Do Kid founder and owner Deb Luster supplies tasty, gluten-free nutrition bars all in the hopes of satisfying hunger before it strikes in those little tummies, jam-packed with nutrients, and sure to maintain smiling faces!

Can Do Kid nutrition bars are gluten-free, made from all-natural ingredients, and contain sixteen essential vitamins and minerals. They are free of trans fats and high-fructose corn syrup.

I have personally tasted each and every one of these bars, and to be absolutely sincere, these bars are scrumptious. I then went further and ran a taste test with many children and their parents, and these tasty bars received a 100% satisfaction rate.

I had the opportunity to speak with my new friend, Deb Luster about her company to discover that there is true passion and dedication behind this company, directly from her heart. Deb is passionate about raising positive kids and being around positive people. She has full intention to spread the word about positive thinking and to improve this attitude in households everywhere. She wants to inspire kids to be smart and special and to know—in fact, to walk through life knowing—“I can do anything.”

Deb has quite an active and impressive history as a woman and executive. In 1990, she helped Annie’s Homegrown grow from a concept to what it is today, a thriving company. With Deb living on the west coast and Annie on the east, she dealt with opposites in many aspects, yet the vision evolved into a perfect, positive force—a fun and thriving business.

Working hard as usual and pregnant, one day Deb’s water broke and she knew she had another calling—motherhood. She stayed on as part-owner on the Board of Annie’s, in 2002 stepping aside from Annie’s as she devoted more time to enjoy motherhood. She continued to work on many projects—mostly helping others with their companies. Expanding companies is truly her forte.


In November 2004, along with her family, she published her first book, I Can Do Anything (read the I Can Do Anything book review) and soon launched products such as t-shirts and stickers. In September 2007, her family’s second book, I’m Happy Just the Way I Am was published. In August 2005, after lots of tasting, packaging, and developing concepts, she and her sister (co-founder and Director of Sales) manufactured the first Can Do Kid nutrition bars. With a strong business sense, she knew that kids love food items with animals, as they are symbols kids remember. So, on every bar, there’s a cheetah. Why a cheetah? Because Deb loves cheetahs.

It wasn’t long until stores all over were stocking up on and displaying the bars and her book!  In February 2009 Deb was at a trade show and was introduced more in-depth to the concept of gluten-free. With only one ingredient change, the Can Do Kid bars were now labeled gluten-free and made available to all those in need of a GF diet, such as celiac and gluten-sensitive consumers. These bars currently come in 3 delicious flavors: CAN-illa Vanilla, Chocolate Crunch, and Cookies and Cream.

These bars are on my Highly Recommended list. Grab a bar and adopt Deb’s motto: “It’s not about age—it’s about attitude!” Grab a bar! You and your kids will be happy you did.


Can Do Kid executives have their bars tested regularly through the University of Nebraska FAARP to make sure that they contain no gluten. As of August 20101 they are not in a dedicated gluten-free facility.

As of August 2010 you will find the Can Do Kid bars in over 50 Safeway stores!

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11 thoughts on “Can Do Kid- A Terrific Gluten-Free Company

  1. Thank you so much for this lovely review. I always enjoy getting to meet the people behind the products–it feels like I know them “personally.”

  2. So excited to see these at Safeway soon! My kids love the bars and I love all that they stand for. I will be the best mom in the world if I win the contest for a free box!!

  3. Schedules are full and timing is everything. It is challenge enough to ensure we are providing our children with a healthy dinner, much less a healthy breakfast and lunch too. It isn’t easy to manage, but we are committed to helping our kids develop healthy eating habits. There won’t be any crunchy puffed sugar cereals in our house, there won’t be fast food dinners (unless it’s a very special occasion!) and there will always be some sort of fresh fruit within reach. I look forward to adding a little variety to the healthful snacks we can provide our hungry children (yeah, Mom and Dad will probably snack on a few too). Thanks for supporting our efforts to keep our kids happy and fit.

  4. This really does seem like a terrific company. I love that kids can enjoy their products. Enjoying food is an important part of being a “normal” kid!

  5. I see these bars in the health food store a lot, I’ll have to pick one up now. Thanks for the good recommendations.

  6. These bars look wonderful. They would be a great addition to my 5yr. old daughter’s gluten free lunch or afternoon snack. The flavors look very appealing to a child (and adult’s too). Thanks for the new product with the added fortification they will make a nice addition to our gluten free goodies!

  7. I love these bars! So far I have been ordering them on Amazon, I hope they come to a store here soon. If I win the contest I’ll be thrilled, as I have four beautiful boys whose health is of huge importance to me. Can do Kid bars are their favorites of the many brands we’ve tried, so they’ll be going right in their lunch boxes!

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