Gluten Free proteins are the bodies building block


In this day and age, people are avoiding carbs and eating protein. Although protein is important, the right protein is necessary for us to be healthy. We should eat protein every day… but what type of protein? We need the protein to build lean body mass, which will help us fight disease. Proteins are the body’s building blocks and are imperative in our diet. This is why I choose to incorporate proteins into my recipes.  

When you look at people, you are essentially seeing the proteins their bodies make: hair, skin, bones, muscle, etc. They really are the building blocks of our bodies. You may have heard many people discussing their protein shakes at the gym, or commenting on how they need a high protein meal to complement their active lifestyle. If you do not have the best knowledge on protein, no problem, I will shed some light on the basics to explain why you will want to be sure to get the right amount and kind of protein. Because not all proteins are alike.

Protein is considered to be a “macronutrient”. There are three macronutrients that our body needs to survive: fat, carbohydrates, and (you guessed it) PROTEIN! These are nutrients that our body needs large amounts of. It sounds like an easy road map to understanding what meals you should be eating, but it goes a little more in-depth when asking how much of each should I be consuming?

When consuming low protein it is essentially lessening one’s lean mass, harming internal repairs and the ability of the body to keep internal organs, tendons and ligaments vibrant and healthy. These ill-effects are not able to be seen, yet they likely will kick you in the butt as you age. It will make you wish you had eaten and lived a different lifestyle, without the stigma that society places on being skinny and “picture perfect”. Oftentimes, we are led to believe, through the various media, that being skinny is the token to being attractive and happy. Women are also encouraged that muscle is “manly” and looks wrong on a woman. However, the measures taken to lose weight, and gain lean mass are of great importance. 


It is not just about the importance of consuming just any protein, but you also need to think about what proteins you want in your body. Being aware of your protein intake will also help with your weight loss journey. Oftentimes, meat is what comes to one’s mind when thinking of protein. However, research has shown that processed meats can have negative effects on health. The consumption of poultry, fish, beans, nuts, and whole grains is a much better way to get the needed proteins. 

Incorporation of more protein into your diet also allows aids in recovery after having just exercised or overcoming an injury. The building of lean muscle mass, and combating muscle loss is key to maintaining a healthy weight! One of the other great benefits is that by taking in more protein, you are able to curb your hunger, and that reduces the need for all day snacking. Protein makes you feel full, so a little goes a long way.

If you are looking for some more information, you can check out my e-book here on how to curb cravings, feel good, and get lean! So eat protein, but choose wisely. This will help you live a healthier life!



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