Jo-Sef – A Gluten-Free Company Worth Reading About!

Cookies are good and can satisfy a little sweet desire now and then, but Jo-Sef gluten-free cookies really hit the spot! This is a company built on love and determination to keep a couple’s son eating normal foods after being diagnosed with celiac disease. After a year of fruitless doctor visits and restless nights, a celiac diagnosis was enough to turn a family kitchen into a “test” kitchen for gluten-free recipes.

The cookies that Jo-Sef now successfully sells are a few of the results from those days nine years ago. Jo-Sef simply delicious “Sandwich O’s” are much like an Oreo ® yet come in vanilla, chocolate, and absolutely over-the-top cinnamon, three choices for our heart’s desire, all with a creamy, velvety filling.The Cookie Squares, too, come in three flavors and are already known not only for their flavor but for optional uses such as “pie crust” solutions. For the child in all of us, and for our kids, we have Jo-Sef Chocolate or Vanilla Cookies. When it comes to animal cookies, theirs are truly flavorful, with a delicate and wholesome flavor. Kids will love them. Many already do love these whimsical little bites.

Jo-Sef recognizes gluten is not the only issue facing many individuals, and without compromising flavor, their products are free of dairy/casein, nuts, lactose, eggs, trans-fats, and preservatives. They are also kosher, processed in a dedicated gluten-free facility, undergo ELISA testing, and are certified by the CSA (Celiac Sprue Association) to be free of gluten.


This is a one of a kind flavor, one of a kind company and the products are out of this world delicious.

Little Side Note:  I crumbled up the vanilla cookies and used them in a pie crust for my apple pie. Wow! People were raving about the flavor:

I give this company a BIG thumbs up!

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33 thoughts on “Jo-Sef – A Gluten-Free Company Worth Reading About!

  1. I loved this review, especially the video! BETTER than Oreos? I’m definitely ordering myself a box…or maybe two…

  2. Thanks so much for choosing to focus on Jo Sef’s. I LOVE this company, especially their unique cinnamon squares. Delicious!

  3. I’m so glad you’ve chosen to highlight this company. I really prefer my Jo Sef’s over the leading gluten-containing alternatives, and so do my non-celiac kids!

  4. Great idea on the vanilla cookie pie crust! I’m definitely going to try that. Great to see you on video, too:)

  5. My daughter just loves these animal crackers and so do I! Thanks for sharing these wonderful products.

  6. All of the cookies are incredible – my favorites are the vanilla and cinnamon O’s! I highly suggest milk to go along with the products though – they are super duper hearty and deserving of the “got milk” slogan…

  7. My 9 yr old son would eat these everyday in his lunch if he could get away with it… and I’d feel fine about it also since the cookies are of such good quality – no guilt here!

  8. my daughters are chocolate lovers… so the Josef chocolate cookies (o’s, animals or squares) are a hit with both of them.

  9. Great post! One of my favorite desserts is vanilla bean ice cream with the vanilla animal cookies crumbled on top…

  10. Since being diagnosed as celiac many yrs ago, it’s been both a burden and a journey to find delicious dessert type products. But reading your review inspired me to get out and buy some of these cookies… wow these are no joke – so delicious! We’ve come a long way since the days of terrible tasting GF cookies.

  11. Very excited to find a new brand – we don’t have Josef’s out here and although in my 50s I’m still an animal cookie/cracker fan and known as a cookie monster to most who know me… Great to have new choices and can’t wait to try them…

  12. I’d like to try these cookies. I just saw them at the Christmas Tree Shop and wondered if they were any good. I’d love to win some to try them. Thanks!

  13. Yum! I love the vanilla Animals Cookies. I would share them with my 1 year old niece. (Dipping them in peanut butter is my fav way to eat them!)

  14. My son and I love Josef’s cookies! We first tried the cinnamon square cookies on vacation, and then tracked down the chocolate O’s and the cinnamon O’s. We haven’t seen the animal crackers locally, though, so I would love to try those. Even if I don’t win, we will be hunting some down online. What a cute treat for my 2 1/2 year old. He’s allergic to milk, wheat, and eggs, among other things, so new cookies options are so nice to have.

  15. I LOVE these products! I would savor them slowly (like I do on the rare occasions I can get them) but I like to share them with other friends, even non-gluten-intolerant ones, to show them that not all gf food is awful!

  16. My granddaughter, Aivah, is a Celiac with a casein allergy. She is now 3 years old and was diagnosed at 14 months. She has been gluten-free, casein-free for more than half her life. She loves to have treats when her 10 siblings (yes, 11 kids in one family!) have treats. She would love a few new treats that she can eat!

  17. I have a serious “sweet tooth” and am looking forward to trying your products!! I am in the process of being tested for celiacs disease and am starting my gluten free life at this time. I was so overwhelmed by the idea of eating gluten free, but with choices like these….I am much more relaxed about it!!! Thank you for your time and effort in making delicious choices for us “sensitive” people!!!

  18. Thanks so much for sharing this company with us. The name sounded familiar to me before but I’ve never had it. Now I will try some different products of theirs.

  19. I love these cookies too and recently used the vanilla squares for a pie crust and have used the chocolate squares for Smores. Their vanilla O’s are delicious and a wonderful alternative to regular cookies. I would use the chocolate O’s for another pie crust and the cinnamon wafers for munching on with a cup of tea. So glad you are showcasing this wonderful company!

  20. If I were to win the cookies, I would share them with my 2yo grandson who was recently diagnosed with wheat allergies.
    Thank you for running this contest!

  21. These would be great for my critically underweight gluten/casein free father. Thanks for making such great products!

  22. The vanilla animal cookies from this company are incredible… but my absolute favorite are those unique cinnamon O’s — perfect complement to a frappuccino!

  23. My kids and especially their friends are a bit picky when it comes to desserts, but Jo-Sef’s has an incredible line that is always a hit with these guys… particularly the chocolate O’s. And it works for me too – knowing that I’m not compromising their health. Excellent review!

  24. upon finding out that I had celiac it was like pulling teeth to find sweets that actually had flavor (no pun intended)… but Josefs saved my day… glad to see that the company is getting the exposure it deserves!

  25. We used the Josef vanilla squares for mini ice cream sandwiches and boy were these a hit with my home made ice cream!

  26. Well written review… I’ve been a fan of this company for some years now and these treats do wonders to satisfy my sweet tooth not to mention the many guests and children that we have over at our house. Thankx!

  27. I have this whole product line in my kitchen! Haha! I can give a review on everything! The Chocolate Square Cookies are tasty & chocolate-y. Amazing how there is no gluten, dairy or eggs! The Vanilla Square Cookies are a good vanilla cookie. Light and not too sweet. I enjoyed the cinnamon flavor in the Cinnamon Square Cookies! It’s much like a Graham

    Chocolate Animal Crackers are good – just as the square version. The Vanilla Animal Crackers: Ditto. But I will say, kids usually LOVE these because of the shape!

    Chocolate O’s are better than Oreos! Healthier too! Vanilla O’s are the plainer version, less sweet. But good if you’d prefer that. Cinnamon O’s are I like this flavor: it’s delicious and different.

    Overall I think Jo-Sef got very creative by making almost allergy-proof cookies that taste good and you can barely tell the difference. Good products.

  28. JO-SEF simply delicious square cookies or anything at this company aren’t available at Kinickininik foods in Canada as mentioned. I know I am off with the spelling of this company name but I thought you should know. I was looking for corn free treats which are harder to find then GF treats.

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