Gluten is Not the Real Problem?

Is it really the GLUTEN?

This is news everyone needs to really know to get a bit more advanced knowledge of gluten and celiac disease and please stay informed through the many radio shows on these topics. In my research and radio shows I find it is always helpful to add a bit more advanced knowledge to someone new to the scene who may not know this and even for those more advanced people, who may not know this.

Gluten is actually not the real problem for celiacs – it is the ‘prolamin’ portion of the molecules in specific grains. This is “the toxic component” of the gluten molecule lies in the prolamin portion.

In wheat this portion is called gliadin. It comprises approximately 40 – 50% of the protein. In rye this portion is called secalin. It comprises approximately 30 – 40% of the protein. In barley this portion is called hordein. It comprises approximately 35 – 45% of the protein. In oats this portion is called avenin. It comprises approximately 10 – 15% of the protein.

Yes, there are prolamins in rice, corn and other foods but these do not contain the toxic tetrapeptide(s) which are stated responsible culprits for the villous damage and rash” experienced by celiacs and people with ‘gluten’ sensitivities.

Once gluten enters the digestive tract, gluten breaks down into peptide chains in a similar fashion to other protein sources; however the resulting gluten-related peptide chain length is considerably longer than for other proteins. These longer peptides are part of the reason that immune response triggers occur and cause celiac disease. Celiacs are not the only people who choose to avoid gluten. Some other diseases that benefit from a gluten free diet are: irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, dermatitis herpetiformis (celiac disease), autism and ulcerative colitis.

For anyone new to a gluten free diet, it is worth mentioning that there is an increasing number of ‘health food’ products with gluten so read your ingredients always!

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3 thoughts on “Gluten is Not the Real Problem?

  1. Hi Tina, I love your website but also want to mention… diagnosed with Sjogrens 3 yrs ago have had it about 10 it seems. Was on plaquenil, pharmacist suggested gluten free and could wean off the P and he was right. That was 8 months ago.At same time started vitamin GlutenFreeze by GardenOfLife (take NO other drugs, do not smoke or drink ever) Bowel movements went from mold green to normal tan after 5 yrs couldn’t figure that one out and know now it was gluten. Just tested for food allergies non whatsoever. If I eat gluten the rashes appear and parotid swelling both sides of neck happen. Won’t eat that item again.Why the wheat test was neg beats me when I still react to it. I attest it to the GFvitamin and gluten free. Both Rheumatologist & Primary say I will always have the Sjogrens antibiodies which does make me eat healthier so that is good. Today article is fabulous about Gluten Not The Real Problem. Thank you………… Teresa

  2. Hmm I had heard of prolamins before and now I finally feel like I have a grasp of this topic. Thanks for sharing!

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