Intestinal Damage and Gluten


With a celiac even the smallest amount of gluten can damage the small intestine.  The result is often impaired food absorption, malnutrition and related conditions such as weight loss, weakened bones and even infertility occurs amongst sufferers.

With the proper care and adhering to a strict gluten-free diet, this lining can heal, nutrients will be absorbed and overall improvements in health will occur.

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5 thoughts on “Intestinal Damage and Gluten

  1. That’s a cute drawing you have there and I 100% agree with you on that the tiniest amount is going to make you sick, even if you don’t feel it! That’s the kicker right there…you may think you’re getting away with it, but eventually it will catch up with you.

  2. After I was diagnosed with celiac disease, a funny thing happened. When I would “cheat” on my diet, just a tad, or suffer from accidental ingestion (later on after I stopped the cheating), I would get really sick, way sicker than I would get before when I was on a gluten-containing diet before my diagnosis. So I learned the lesson very well that you should just stay the heck away from gluten if you are celiac, and even if I was gluten-sensitive and not diagnosed celiac, I would still keep away because who wants to do that to their bodies? Staying healthy is challenging enough. Why cause needless damage? Be careful of what you eat and don’t give in, even just a little bit!

  3. i am so excited about having signed up for your newsletter. I love your recipes and reviews soooo much on your blog. It seems like I’m always finding a great recipe every week on your blog. Also thanks for this post on intestinal damage. Having been celiac now for 13 years, I know all about that but I know that there are so many people out there who don’t understand exactly the effect that gluten can have on people with celiac disease.

  4. Nice illustration. I wish people would use more illustrations when they explain celiac disease! That’s why I like reading kids materials (for anything really, not just celiac disease) because I get to see explanatory pictures which are good at helping you learn things and also remember them!

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