The Benefits of Gluten-Digesting Enzymes

As an author, researcher, and gluten-free advocate (, I’m always on the lookout for ways to help manage a gluten-free diet. As awareness about gluten intolerance increases in the United States, I’m finding that more and more companies are committing themselves to serving the gluten-free community. One such company, Advanced Bionutritionals, stands out for their cutting-edge product, a gluten-digesting enzyme product called Gluten Sensitivity Formula, which was overseen in its development by Dr. Fuchs, co-founder of one of the first holistic healing centers and the author of eight books, including The Nutrition Detective.

Although there are people who adhere to a gluten-free diet who don’t suffer from gluten sensitivities, many of us are either gluten-intolerant or celiac, meaning that even the smallest exposure to gluten can make us quite ill. An estimated 3 million Americans suffer from celiac disease, an autoimmune reaction to gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley, leading to a variety of physical and mental symptoms, some of which are quite severe and can even leave to fatal complications. This means that it’s imperative that celiacs like myself cut gluten completely out of our diets. Sometimes, however, accidental ingestion of gluten happens, even when one is as diligent as possible on the diet, in instances such as cross-contamination in restaurants or in company facilities. For this reason, having a supplement with gluten-digesting enzymes is important to have around.

How do these enzymes work? First of all, it’s important to understand the function of enzymes, which is dissolving things such as the nutrients in food. The body contains thousands of enzymes, and one of them possesses the ability to digest gluten—DPP-IV (dipeptidyl peptidase IV). In fact, it’s been found that gluten-sensitive people have a lot less of this enzyme than others. According to Advanced Bionutritionals, in a study, “an enzyme combination with DPP-IV completely eliminated gluten toxicity in just 10 minutes.  By ‘eliminating toxicity’, it means it broke apart the gluten into such small pieces, that it can stop gluten from triggering a painful reaction in your stomach.” When you accidentally ingest gluten, these enzymes can help neutralize it, preventing or lessening damage to the intestine and helping you absorb the nutrients in your food better.

It’s important to understand, however, that not every gluten-enzyme supplement is the same, some more powerful and effective than others. DPP-IV enzymes require the aid of other enzymes for their effectiveness, such as enzymes that digest proteins in general called “proteases” and “peptidases,” which in the formula break down gluten molecules into smaller pieces that can be eaten up by the DPP-IV enzymes. Next, a range of enzymes working in different areas of your stomach and intestines is essential due to the fact that the various parts of the digestive tract have different pH levels. For instance, while the stomach is very acidic, the small intestine, where 90% of nutrients are absorbed, is nearly acid-neutral.

Gluten Sensitivity Formula can be taken after your regular gluten-free meals to help digest any trace amounts of gluten, or if you know you’ve digested gluten accidentally or feel symptoms coming on, you can take one of two tablets after a gluten-free meal.

As a bonus, the formula digests casein, a dairy protein that many people are allergic to. Thus, if you have reason to believe that you may be experiencing troubles with digestion from other sources, or if you have a known food allergy to casein, the Gluten Sensitivity Formula can be of benefit.

Gluten Sensitivity Formula has made an important contribution to gluten-free living, reducing our anxiety over accidental ingestion, which most celiacs have experienced, no matter how diligent they’ve been. Visit for more information and to order the supplement.

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  1. Hi. The Gluten Sensitivity Formula sounds great. But I cannot find it on the website that you have linked in this article. Is there another name for it? Thanks in advance for your hep.

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