Ben & Jerry’s – Gluten-Free Flavor List


We all love ice cream, especially when it’s gluten-free right?  Well folks, the following list makes it very easy for you to enjoy some of the best ice cream in the world:


BEN&JERRY’S Gluten-Free Flavor List:


Ice Cream

Butter Pecan

Cherry Garcia

Chocolate Fair Trade-Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl

Chocolate Macadamia

Chunky Monkey

Coconut Almond Fudge Chip

Coffee Fair Trade

Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz

Crème Brulee

Mint Chocolate Chunk

New York Super Fudge Chunk

Orange and Cream

Phish Food


Triple Caramel Chunk

Vanilla Fair Trade

Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch



Black Raspberry Swirl LF Yogurt

Vanilla LF Yogurt


Berry Berry Extraordinary

Jamaican Me Crazy


Mango Mango

Strawberry Kiwi

No Sugar Added

NSA Vanilla Fudge Chip


IMPORTANT: Please always read labels as ingredients can be changed rapidly. Many times I have found a product I love that is gluten-free suddenly be changed to contain gluten overnight. I keep a strong rule to constantly check the ingredients lists of products I buy to be extra safe.

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19 thoughts on “Ben & Jerry’s – Gluten-Free Flavor List

  1. Wow, I’m looking over all these flavor names, and I think I’m going to have to take a trip to the grocery store!

  2. I was just reading the side of Phish Food last night and saw that it could contain wheat due to the chocolate fish being made on the same equipment as wheat-containing products. I wonder how many other flavors could be contaminated?

    1. I jet bought some Phish Food for my 10 year old Celiac daughter based on this list and SHE was smart enough to read the label and saw the same thing. Needless to say she didn’t eat any. This list needs to be updated to be accurate. Even B&J’s only shows two sorbets as GF.

  3. Is this accurate? I heard that Ben and Jerry’s does not claim that any of their flavors are gluten free. Has anyone checked with the company?

  4. I noticed the same thing on the Phish Food…. I do read the ingredients and most of the list here does look like it should be gluten free by the list of ingredients, but I still try and stay away from the ones that could be cross contaminated.

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    1. This comment was obviously not written by a Celiac. Just a little is okay? No, my daughter would be sick for 8 hours with even a little gluten.

      1. I am the same way with gluten as I am celiac. I always say to read labels and do your own research as many times I have purchased a product that was gluten-free only t find out 6 months later that they changed their ingredients and added gluten. That is why I ALWAYS read labels. You never know!

  6. My wife is so thrilled to have such a large choice of gluten free ice cream. If she eats something with gluten in it she usually goes down sick and in pain for a week. So we have to read labels very closely. Thanks for having so many flavors to choose from.

    1. Happy to help! Be sure to read labels always as some companies will change their ingredients for no reason and add gluten.

  7. i am a child and i am celliac also,13 years old i also check lables before eating.
    It it is really risky!!!
    caramel chew chew is the one that i am certain as the website/company said them selfs

  8. Hey everyone, I have Celiac disease and want to warn everyone that not all of these flavors are certified gluten-free. And, sadly, I get extremely ill after eating Cherry Garcia.

    If you’re wheat intolerant, you might be ok, but if you have Celiac I do not recommend it.

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