Boomi Bar & Prana Bar

Divine Foods is a family-owned and run company offering two lines of all-natural GF energy bars, the Boomi Bar and the Prana Bar.

The Boomi Bar comes in an amazing thirteen varieties of flavors all loaded with precise selections of nuts, seeds, and pure fruits, and no cane sugar, peanuts, or soy. All ingredients are raw and absolutely delicious. Each bar is unique in itself, offering a healthy pick-me-up or just a bite of energy on-the-go. I loved them.



The Prana Bars are slightly different, certified organic raw, GF, and made with agave nectar, coming in six varieties. They have a different texture and taste than their Boomi Bar counterparts. Both lines come across as, without a doubt, healthy and nutritious.

Founder Graeme Duncan explored Asia and Europe studying exotic cooking for nearly fiteen years. He has a strong interest in philosophy and visited ancient cathedrals in the East and stayed in Indian temples and Buddhist monasteries in China.

Graeme wanted to share healthy eating and balance the body and mind. He founded Divine Foods in 1999 with his philosophy that the body is the temple and we should feed it healthy, vibrant foods.

He continues to be very involved in product development and raw ingredient research.

You can watch the video review I did on these delicious bars here.

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7 thoughts on “Boomi Bar & Prana Bar

  1. Don’t they sell these at Starbucks or something similar? I prefer good old-fashioned chocolate bars, or granola bars, but I do like that these bars are comprised of real whole food.

  2. I really enjoy your video reviews. I’m so glad you do these. They are very high quality and you always have some helpful things to say about the different products you review. I hope you continue to include them in your reviews, especially your FOOD reviews. (Love looking at that food! Makes me want it even more!)

  3. Mmmm sounds good! I am not usually a fan of bars because they seem so unnatural–not whole–you know? I like to eat FOOD, not processed fake food. These bars look like they give you the satisfaction as eating a few handfuls of healthy nuts and fruit. Can’t wait to try it!

  4. Hi there Tina I’m glad you’ve finally reviewed these bars because they are my absolute fave! I get these week after week for my afternoon breaks at work and I never get tired of them. Literally. Every week for almost a year I think now and I still adore them.

  5. REAL food! That’s how I love my bars. I don’t know if I’ve had these exact ones before but I may have, or maybe it’s another brand. The one they sell at Starbucks?

  6. Sounds great! I love that there’s no sugar because I’m really trying to avoid sugar now and find it’s making quite a difference in my energy levels and also my weight and acne. I look forward to giving these a try!

  7. I’m happy to hear about these bars. I like this type a lot because no matter what non-whole-food foods leave me feeling hungry.

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