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Today we were testing and comparing notes of four flavors of cereal simultaneously at my Florida and L.A. studios. We had Cereal Vit’s Organic Corn Flakes, Organic Benevit Multi Grain Flakes, Organic Coffee Flakes (yes, coffee), and their just-released Choco Stars (yes, chocolate).

The combined notes are really the only way to do a summary due to the variety of flavors, likes, and ages for the testing on this particular day.

The Corn Flakes are extra thick and not too sweet and were like the “real thing.” I need to mention there’s only three ingredients in this delicious GF substitute.

The Multigrain Flakes are a mix of rice flakes and buckwheat and comes across as heartier yet still light flavor and texture. We preferred it with some fruit or yogurt for additional flavor.

The Coffee Flakes were a hit from a number of coffee lovers and, surprisingly, the kids. Many felt these flakes were good a snack without any liquids—milk or milk substitutes—added.

Their latest release, the Choco Stars were good, chocolaty, and sweet. The Kids loved them, yet the adults felt it would be better as a treat rather than a breakfast cereal before school.

Keep in mind Cereal Vit is organic, from Italy, and imported by Riega Foods, LLC. Riega is focusing on bringing in more gluten-free, organic, and natural foods to the U.S. and Canada, recognizing the needs of many of us on special diets for various reasons.


Riega personally inspects every factory they work with, ensuring their standards of quality and safety are met. They also list all ingredients on their boxes, list if any of the eight major allergens exist and even go as far as to label whether any of the major allergens were used in any one of their factories. This company cares and is ethical.

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12 thoughts on “Cereal Vit- Gluten Free Cereal

  1. Yay! So glad to see someone recommending these to others. I loooove these corn flakes, but I have yet to try these other flavors.

  2. LOVE this brand! I actually bring it with me to work in a sandwich baggy as a healthy, filling snack and I have it before bed!

  3. Hi Tina I was lucky to try the Coffee Flakes and they really were fantastic. Now I’m going to have to pick up a box after you reminded me of how good this cereal brand is!

  4. I like the Choco stars. The Cornflakes taste like sweet popcorn! Riega is the greatest star to the day. I love the choco stars!

  5. The Coffee is wow! It’s like coffee in a bowl! The Benevit tastes healthy and light
    This company makes good cereal for GF people

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