Deerfields Gluten-Free Bakery- WOW!

Deerfields Gluten-Free Bakery, located in Schaumburg, Illinois, is open to everyone at their location and via the internet. Lucky for us as well as their gluten-free line is in a dedicated GF facility! Open since 1886, it is now a five-generation bakery.

I’m telling you, folks, if you want some tasty treats and delicious baked items, get on the internet or pick up the phone and order their cheesecake, Lemon Buttons Cookies, triple chocolate brownie, coffee cake, or mini cupcakes. Every single one of their products I tested was out-of-this-world.


As stated, the gluten-free products are manufactured in a dedicated gluten-free facility, yet can be purchased in all three of their locations and many stores including many Whole Foods as well as the internet.

Tim Schmitt says his great, great grandfather had a vision, and his family has kept this vision alive and introduced the gluten-free line after a year of trial and error. They have perfected each and every product ; the main focus was on eliminating the gluten. He said most people can’t tell they’re gluten-free. I agree!

I give this company two thumbs up!

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12 thoughts on “Deerfields Gluten-Free Bakery- WOW!

  1. I love these family businesses and like to support them, especially when they go out of their way to maintain a dedicated GF facility, which is not an easy task!

  2. I am sooo thrilled to find Deerfields on your site because they are one of my all-time faves! The mini cupcakes are sooo delicious and moist too!

  3. This is my first time hearing about Deerfield’s, and I absolutely cannot wait to try the cheesecake! Early Valentine’s Day gift for myself? Oh yes, I do think so;)

  4. I am a huge fan of Deerfield! I love their cheesecake. It’s very soft and delicious…the crust is delicious too

    Lemon buttons: I LOVE THIS COOKIE! Its soft and delicious and just the perfect amount of sweet

    The sourcream coffee cake is perfect for the morning! Great to have a slice with coffee!

    This bakery is amazing, incredible, delicious and nothing like typical gluten free yummys.

  5. The Cheese cake has a lemony zesti taste. The Lemon buttons are very tangy. The Brownie cookie is good and puffy.
    They have a good variety and area all extremely tasty

  6. I love their Cheesecake! Cheesy flavor at first, but it comes extremely buttery. Great texture. Love the crust and the flavor.
    I like the light lemony flavor and heavy density in the Lemon buttons. The Triple chocolate brownie is very rich and moist.

    Greater alternatives to the real thing! Wouldn’t have guessed they weren’t gluten free.

  7. Deerfield’s deserts are very good. The Lemon buttons have a strong lemon flavor. Nice texture. The Triple chocolate brownies are extremely rich and filling.

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