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Gorge Delights Just Fruit bars were a pleasant surprise to my taste buds after testing so many bars over the previous weeks.

The bars, one for one, had the flavor of pure, bursting ripe fruit energy and nothing else. I then read the ingredients list, and confirming my hunch, I found the bars are 100% pure fruit. No preservatives, sweeteners, flavor, or even ground-up flax seeds. Just fruit.


Every bar gives 2 whole pears or apples with a variety of other fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, cherries, and cranberries.

I had a number of adults and children test these bars. We all agreed they taste nutritious and truly tantalize the tongue, as if you were biting into a juicy ripe pear or apple mixed with other fruits all at once.

They come individually wrapped, are very easy to order, and have a shelf life of two years.

Gorge Delights offers other fruit packages which we did not test, but I can recommend this family-owned company of over fifty years. They deliver family-fortified and naturally wholesome products.

Tina Turbin

From our home to yours, Tina Turbin
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4 thoughts on “Gorge Delights – Gluten Free Treats

  1. Hi Tina this sounds really delicious but I had never heard of it before. Glad I’m subscribed now. I really love hearing about these great companies!

  2. Aren’t they just wonderful??? I really like these so much. They just feel so good in your body and you don’t feel guilty giving them to your kids as snacks!

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