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I am SO proud and please to have been able to share all the honest feed-back on Katz Gluten-Free Bread good which I was able to share with my Florida and Los Angeles testers this past month. We really had a ball testing these breads out in every scenario imaginable.

I was sent Hamburger Buns, Sandwich Rolls, Large Challa Rolls and Dinner Rolls( small challa) to test amongst some hungry celiacs, non celiacs and two wonderful families with dietary needs to suit autism.

We kicked off testing the hamburger buns with a wild BBQ in Florida and no one attending knew what they were in store for. They had no idea that the buns sitting next to the BBQ was sure enough, our Katz Gluten-Free hamburger buns, which we had pre-sliced to be able to pop a delicious Buffalo Burger or a for my Vegan friends, a pile of grilled vegetables.

We lightly toasted them some of them and left the others untoasted. They toasted beautifully and they tasted delightful, light and fluffy like the “old days” of real buns. They held together like a “traditional” bun and not one person had a clue they were not a gluten loaded bun. Pretty impressive.

The sandwich rolls taste good but overall they have a texture like a firm sourdough bun yet no sourdough flavor. Due to the texture and look many of us were expecting that sourdough punch when biting into it. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the rolls with sandwiches and had an overall agreement they were best with a meat type sandwich, or we can say a heavier protein over an egg salad or tuna salad for example as they bread is so firm the “salads” ooze out too much. The meats such as pastrami, corned beef etc paired perfectly with the rolls. So much a number of us went for seconds.

The large challa rolls and dinner rolls (small challa rools) really taste the same. They are so incredibly delicious, eggy, precisely light and slightly yet perfectly sweet.

The overall consensus is that Katz taste like home- made. It really was unanimous. Without a doubt they all taste as if they were just out of the oven. Had someone served them warm without us knowing better, we feel they were as good as fresh baked.

I really am impressed with the outstanding flavor and texture that Katz Gluten-Free has pulled off as well as the true-taste they have accomplished in their kitchens. These products are stellar!

Please visist: http://www.katzglutenfree.com and read another review if you’d like too.

Watch the video review I did on these Katz Gluten-Free products here or below.

 Katz Gluten-Free Products – Review


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6 thoughts on “Katz Gluten-Free – Review

  1. Katz has absolutely the best hamburger buns! I swear they’re even better than non-gluten-free buns. I like that they don’t crumble or break apart easily. Also they taste pretty hearty. I used to get the plain white bread buns when I wasn’t on the gluten free diet and they got soggy really easily and they didn’t seem healthy to me. With Katz I don’t have these issues. Anyway, highly recommend this brand. Thanks Tina too for featuring them because now I will try their other products too, which I’ve been meaning to do but I haven’t had the chance to do yet.

  2. If you’re throwing a gluten free barbeque you NEED some Katz! Their hamburger and hot dog buns are the best, and everyone in our family agrees. Even our non gf neighbors and friends find them to be delicious. We don’t even have to provide gluten-containing buns at our BBQs anymore because Katz satisfies everyone.

  3. Hey there Tina thanks for the recommendation. Boy, when was the last time I had a challah roll? It’s been YEARS and it’s funny but it’s not one of those bread items I EVER think about. But when I read your review I suddenly became incredibly interested in, and was CRAVING, challah rolls LOL. 🙂

  4. Hi Tina thanks so much for your awesome reviews and recommendations. I just love that you not only write up amazing reviews but you go through all the trouble of making these videos which are also great to watch in this visual day and age. Your blog ROCKS!

  5. So how many of ya’ll out there have had the same thought: “How can I become one of Tina Turbin’s taste testers?” LOL! I think that would pretty much be the best job in the world…

  6. Their dinner rolls are actually very good. I prefer to make them but sometimes I just don’t have the time. If anyone wants a really good recipe for dinner rolls, check this out: It was actually featured on Oprah.com.

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