Amazing Gluten-Free Corn Sheet Fritters

There’s nothing like these gluten-free  fritters. I came up with the idea for them from a restaurant I can’t recall the name of. These are delicious with a little chipotle mayo sauce or even add a dash of hot sauce to the mix before frying to add a punch.



4 fresh corn on the cob

4 diced green onions

1 tsp garlic salt



  1.  Steam or boil your corn and let cool.
  2. Cut off the kernels from the cob and place ½  in one bowl and ½ in the other.
  3. Cut the onion keeping a bit of the green part. Add to one bowl.
  4. Add garlic salt to taste to this same bowl.
  5. Take your other bowl of kernels and blend in blender or a Bullet.
  6. Mix all, form into rounds and drop into preheated oiled skillet . I prefer to use coconut oil.
  7. Fry your little fritters.


Be sure to serve hot these wonders right away or store and serve cold with a salad as an accompaniment.


Miranda Jade Turbin


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