Go-Go Rice- Gluten-Free Review

I was a bit skeptical testing “already-cooked” rice in a bowl. It appealed to me somewhat, as it was organic and preservative-free, and sometimes I do need a side dish and don’t want to wait for the standard forty minutes for my brown rice. So I gave Go-Go Rice a shot and asked my test team in L.A. to try it out as well.

I popped this little dish in the microwave, after peeling back the cover slightly, set the time, walked away, got myself a glass of juice, and it was done. The moment came to test it. I could not believe how moist and tasty these little hearty grains of brown rice were. I thought it would be dried-out and need something to make it taste good. Not at all. It tasted as if I had just cooked it stove-top, with the same consistency as stove-top rice.I called the L.A. team and before I could say a thing, they went on and on about how convenient, fast, and unexpectedly delicious the organic brown rice was.

The master of the creation, T.J. Song, Stanford Business School graduate, with seventeen years of global trading (in Korea and the U.S.) and ten-plus years in the natural and organic food business in the U.S. under his belt, was a rice lover. In fact, it was and still is his daily staple. He wanted convenient “rice meals’’ for a long time. He found consumers purchasing products like this, but to him, these meals weren’t that good.

In 2004, he finally decided there was a potential business and ventured into the cooked rice business with a facility completed in 2005. Go-Go Rice was successfully introduced March 2006 to Expo West. Minsley, Inc. currently manufactures and distributes these delicious, convenient rice bowls.

We thank T.J. Song for being a man with a vision and taste.


Miranda Jade

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