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An interesting story that I would like to share with you all as part 2 of my 3 part series is that of Elaine Gottschall. Be sure to read part 1, ” The cure for celiac disease” if you have not already! You may know her as the author of “Breaking the Vicious Cycle” book; however, there is a great back story to this publication. Elaine Gottschall was a devoted mother, who dreamed of having a very “normal” family life. However, when her then 4-year-old daughter Judy was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis, her life changed forever. She could not find anything that would help Judy eat or become more comfortable. Not even the prescribed medication worked for Judy, and with the severity of the illness, the only choice given by physicians was to remove Judy’s colon. 

With determination to avoid this drastic surgery, Elaine and her husband consulted specialist after specialist. They never received the answer they wanted to hear; that was until they consulted Dr. Sidney V. Haas. You may recognize Dr. Haas from the other parts of this 3 part series, as he had a major role in developing the celiac or gluten sensitive “cure”. The first question Dr. Haas asked Judy’s parents was, “What does Judy eat?”. A simple question, yet this was the first time they were ever asked that question by a physician. Dr. Haas had been involved in researching intestinal healing throughout his life and working with Judy was the perfect pairing. In part 1 of this 3 part series, we wondered, what is the “Cure” for Celiac Disease? Now, tackling Judy’s current condition, Dr. Haas was getting us steps closer.


Dr. Haas introduced his simple nutritional approach to the Gottschalls, and within two years, Judy was symptom free. Part 3 of this 3 part informative series talks more about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet that changed Judy’s life as well as many others. Though Dr. Hass had been ridiculed by other physicians for his ideas, they proved to be effective. Unfortunately, Dr. Hass passed away before his treatment had gained popularity. Elaine’s mission became to carry out Dr. Hass’ legacy, which led her to enter the realm of research, earning several scientific degrees. Her husband encouraged her to self-publish a book, and that is exactly what Elaine did. 

Elaine Gottschall’s book, “Breaking the Vicious Cycle” has done extremely well. She is such a strong female role model as she set out to further her education in order to help people in need. Dr. Haas had changed her life, and in turn, she dedicated her life to helping others. She has inspired me while creating recipes of my own. Taking into account different areas of focus such as family, women issues, and others, to create a positive change in their diet and life. Stay tuned for part three of this series!

Be sure to also check out part 1 of this 3 part series called ” The cure for celiac disease”.


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