Gluten-Free Pizza for Your Celiac Child

     One of the essentials every parent needs to know is how to provide your celiac child with delicious gluten-free pizza.

     There are many ways to enjoy gluten-free pizza. You can buy it pre-made, make it from scratch at home, or order it in a restaurant. You can find recipes for pizza dough and various combinations of toppings in gluten-free cookbooks and gluten-free websites. American restaurants such as Uno Chicago Grill, with 200 locations, serve gluten-free pizza. You can look up restaurants that accommodate gluten-free patrons with gluten-free pizza online through gluten-free restaurant websites.

     An easy way to make gluten-free pizza is by buying already-prepared gluten-free pizza crusts which your child can top with his favorite toppings. Whole Foods Gluten Free Pizza Crusts come two to a package. They are thick, almost like a deep-dish crust, chewy, and tasty. You can also make your own pizza crust from pre-made mixes or by making your own mix from gluten-free pizza dough recipes. Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix makes two 12-inch gluten-free pizza pie crusts. It tastes delicious, and you can even fold the crust over easily. If necessary, you can make the crust egg-free. Some pizza crust recipes, which you can find online or in gluten-free cookbooks, can be rolled out, just like traditional wheat dough, and can be made thin (new York style) or thick (Chicago style), versatility that your celiac child will enjoy. Then you and your child just need to load it with his favorite toppings and stick it in the oven.

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6 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Pizza for Your Celiac Child

  1. I find that when my daughter has sleepovers a favorite activity is when we all get together and make our own gluten-free pizzas. I buy readymade crusts–personal-pizza sized–and each one of us will make our very own special pizzas. We usually end up sharing some of our pizza with the others. Some of my daughter’s friends get very creative and they all love the pizza even though it’s gluten-free and they’re not!

  2. Bob’s Red Mill I think is the best pizza mix out there. It was the first one I tried and then I did a lot of experimenting, but then I didn’t like the other ones that much. When I finally went back to Bob’s I knew that it was the right one! The kids love it too. They’re actually not as picky as I am about the dough. They just want all the toppings and cheese!

  3. Hi Tina thanks for this recommendation. We actually haven’t made much pizza now that I think about it. It does actually sound like such a fun activity to do with your child so I’m going to pick up some dough for us to roll out ourselves (that part is really fun for kids I think) and have a little pizza party tonight. Nothing says TJIF quite like fun plans for dinner, isn’t that right?;)

  4. Some good advice about gluten free pizza from “AN IMPORTANT NOTE: When studying a pizza restaurant site, remember that a pizza is not “safe” simply because it has a gluten free crust. It must be cooked properly and have appropriate toppings. You must judge for yourself how to respond to the promise of a gluten free crust.”

  5. Hi Tina you are so right. Kids love pizza! Even gluten-free pizza is popular among non-gluten-free kiddies. My favorite is Bob’s Red Mill pizza mix and we’ve tried some other crusts but they don’t really compare. I’m sure as time goes on, more and more companies will offer improved pizza dough or crust products.

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