Freeda Vitamins Are Gluten-Free

You’ve probably heard me speaking out about the importance of celiacs taking a gluten-free multivitamin regularly. Not only does a vitamin supplement help the body heal after the damaging effects of ingesting gluten, but it is a necessity on the gluten-free diet because gluten-free food products are generally not enriched with vitamins, especially the B vitamins.

Lucky for us, Freeda Vitamins sells dozens of gluten-free multivitamins, even prenatal and children’s formulas. Freeda Vitamins is no newcomer to the world of nutrition; they’ve been in business for over 80 years! Not only do they stress quality in their products, but they’ve made a point to meet the special dietary needs of celiacs as well as vegetarians, diabetics, those with food allergies, and the Kosher community with products that are not only free gluten but of common allergens such as lactose, milk, eggs, fish, casein, and wheat. They have also taken care to eliminate other additives such as sugar, artificial colors and flavors, aluminum, preservatives, sulfates, and sulfites.

The children’s formulas come in five different flavors as well as unflavored. Other products include B complex supplements, individual B and other vitamins, digestive supplements, and herbs and plant extracts. Their prices are also very reasonable. For a complete list of what their supplements are free of and to order their products, check out their website at

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5 thoughts on “Freeda Vitamins Are Gluten-Free

  1. Sweet! I’ve been looking for some gf vitamins. Can’t wait to try the kids vitamins. Fingers crossed! My kids are picky.

  2. Thanks Tina I’m happy to hear of a vitamin company that meets the needs of so many special diet communities. I am going to give one of their formulas a try. I’ve been looking into getting a new B vitamin complex for a long time now.

  3. Hi Tina I used Freeda’s prenatal supplements during my pregnancy and I really liked them. This was after trying several other brands that made me feel ill. A friend of mine preferred another brand over this one when she was pregnant, but I recommend women give this one a try. I think you’ll really like it!

  4. Celiacs need a great multivitamin more than anyone else. So glad to see companies out there meeting our special needs.

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