Crunchmaster Gluten Free Crackers

These Multi-Seed Crackers have crunch, flavor, and perfectly accompany any slice of cheese or dip and are great simply plain. The Roasted Garlic was not unlike a garlic cracker I used to eat prior to being diagnosed with celiac disease. The Sweet Onion was light but the crunch was perfect with the flavor. The plain was not plain—it has a healthy flavor and variety of ingredients—and the Rosemary and Olive Oil—indeed delicious.

Crunchmaster takes pride in their East-meets-West fusion concept and incorporates the “Usuyaki” style (“thin and flat” in Japanese) with all-natural and gluten-free ingredients.


These crackers are loaded with quinoa, flax seeds, and amaranth. The assortment of ingredients they choose along with their baking method lends these crackers a true uniqueness.

Crunchmaster crackers are also low-sodium, cholesterol-free, certified gluten-free & 100% whole grain.  Select varieties are also sugar-free (yay!); dairy-free and vegan diet friendly.


You can find these crackers all over the USA and Canada, in Costco and many grocery and health-food stores. You can also use their site to find a store close to you as well as send them a request or question on their contact page.

Their research chef, Taka Hotani, offers a gluten-free wild rice stuffing recipe using their Multi-Grain Cracker. There are a number of other recipes you will like but that one is out of this world.

Watch the video review I did on these amazing crackers here.

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14 thoughts on “Crunchmaster Gluten Free Crackers

  1. OMG these are soooo good! Before I was diagnosed with CD, there were these crackers I absolutely loved from Costco (although I can’t remember the name–they came in an orange box), and I was so upset that I would never be able to eat them again. Then I found Crunchmaster’s crackers which are very similar. So tasty! You don’t need anything on these babies, although I always top them with a cheese spread anyway. But you could just have a whole box on your own without any dips or anything, they are that good.

  2. Ooh I love that thin and flat Japanese style cracker, so much crunch and so light and airy so that you’re not overwhelmed with cracker. Some crackers have such a monotonous flavor and it takes forever to crunch and swallow it all down. I look forward to trying these. Looking at them though I think I must’ve sampled them before somewhere as they do look familiar.

  3. These are REALLY good. Two thumbs up. Every kind of cracker they have. The Multi-Grain cracker is my favorite. I know it’s really good for you and at the same time it just TASTES so wholesome. Highly recommend these, everyone!

  4. Yummy! Don’t they sell these at Costco? Hmm maybe not, but they should! I tried these last year when we were at the lake house over July and they were selling these at the local health food store. I always meant to order them when I got home but never got a chance to.

  5. @Felicity Yes they do! And they are my favorites there. Funny, but before I discovered I was gluten-sensitive I really liked these crackers and I was thrilled to find that I could still eat them afterwards. Phew!

  6. I like to eat these with homemade jam and brie cheese. I have heard jalapeno jelly is pretty good too but I haven’t done my research yet on a gluten free jalapeno jelly and I’m not sure if I want to try making it on my own or not yet.

  7. The multigrain ones are EXCELLENT. I haven’t tried the others, but I look forward to it! I didn’t even know there were other flavors actually. The multigrain ones are sold at Costco, so those are the ones I get.

  8. Wow…you know you have to try something when not only the reviewer but the readers are saying good things. I really look forward to trying these and now I’m especially interested in getting a Costco membership LOL

  9. Oh these are good, very good. They are my guilty pleasure–not a bad guilty pleasure though! Love it topped with cheeses. I get a different cheese every week.

  10. Funny, they were sampling these today at costco and they really were wonderful! I bought a box and already half of it is gone–in just 24 hours!

  11. Original: these are crunchy and healthy: tasting..good for salads
    Rosemary and olive oil: unique taste: good with food and by themselves
    Roasted garlic: garlic is light but flavorful
    Sweet onion: very light. Id like it with tuna or hummus
    Mr. crispers: salt and pepper: these are super yummy and light. Love them.
    Sour cream/onion: better than Pringles. These are a great snack
    Nacho: way better than Doritos. Delish
    Bbq: tasty and tangy
    Overall: this company makes great gf chips. Give them a try

  12. Original: nice and crunchy probably incredible with sushi
    Rosemary and oil: nice to a dry cracker leave a good aftertaste
    Roasted garlic: I can taste the oven
    Sweet onion: I can taste onion but not sweet enough

  13. Original: they taste like flavored popcorn
    Rosemary and olive oil: wow! I can really taste the rosemary
    Sour cream and onion: wow ! lots of flavor! I love it
    Nacho: mmm! A tastier and healthier Doritos
    Bbq: this has sooo much flavor and kick.
    Overall: I really love this line. Perfect for couch potatoes. Love the taste.

  14. original: these are great with salmon or any tuna spread
    rosemary and olive oil: these are really nice. The rosemary comes a bit later than the olive oil, creative!
    garlic: zesty
    Mr. Crispers: sea salt and pepper: wow I could use these as a snack at work
    sour cream and onion: Pringles, eat your heart out
    nacho: wow, look better than Doritos, without the pronunciation problems in the ingredients.
    bbq: mesquite, I like to eat
    overall: crunchmaster makes an excellent rival for all chip categories. Not only do they taste better ,but are better for you and even at 1st grader could read the ingredients.

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