Sensible Foods – Delicious Gluten Free Snacks

I really believe these products are the perfect snack for anyone—mom, adult, or child on the go.

Sensible foods offers 7 products which are dehydrated little packs of ¾-oz. packages of nutrition. All are loaded up with a perfect blend of fruits, except the sweet corn and soy nuts.

Each fruit bag offers a ½ serving of fruit and 3 of their 4 products are 100% organic. With names like Cherry Berry, Apple Harvest and Tropical Blend, you will certainly find one you’ll grow fond of.

The fruits are picked at the height of their season and dehydrated, immediately preserving their delicious flavor. While eating them, I felt as if I was munching on pieces of fruit just dehydrated.

Watch the video review I did on these fun snacks here or below.

 Sensible Foods – Review


I have a dehydrator and know a lot about dehydrating and the flavors of fruits coming off the trays. Sensible Foods has contained this flavor void of any preservatives or hidden ingredients.

The products are a perfect snack for any child’s lunch box, in the car toting kids around, and for any adult on the go. They offer many other products. They burst in your mouth.

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8 thoughts on “Sensible Foods – Delicious Gluten Free Snacks

  1. Wow these look really good, but it seems to me that I’d just gobble them right up! I will definitely give it a try though for a lunchtime snack for my kids. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. We sampled these at a gluten free party and really liked them but I forgot about them and couldn’t remember the name. Thanks for refreshing my memory. The apple is my favorite by the way! Can’t wait to finally order these.

  3. So true that this is good for adults too! I have found though that it’s not very substantial so I’ll mix this with some almonds and some of my other favorite nuts. It’s like a sort of trail mix–super delicious!

  4. This makes me want to start dehydrating fruit on my own which my sister does in Seattle, and every time I visit her she has these fantastic dried fruit and veggie snacks for me to try. They just taste so healthy and I can eat them as a substitute for sugary desserts and they really satisfy me!

  5. • Orchard blend: yum and good in cereal
    • Soy nuts: better than cornnuts
    • Tropical blend: great tangy taste. Good for dessert
    • Sweet corn: I like it better than AMC popcorn
    • Cherryberry: not to sugary in taste. Really nice aftertaste
    • Apple harvest: kind of plain because it was just apples

  6. I LOVE THIS LINE. It’s not too sweet and I can mix them with cereal, granola, etc

    • Orchard blend: good and sweet
    • Soy nuts: I’m not a fan of soynuts. Maybe with more salt it would be better
    • Tropical blend: mmm! Very light and delish!
    • Sweet corn: lightly sweet and perfect amount of salt. MY FAV
    • Cherry berry: this would be amazing in cereal
    • Apple harvest: crisp and amazing

  7. they all tasted great. I see really rich people buying this because the size of the individual fruits are super small. I would personally buy something bigger that I could reach in and grab. I guess corn can’t get any bigger though

  8. • Orchard blend- tangy. This is good for a mid-day snack
    • Soy nuts: totally flavor-less. But may taste good in a salad
    • Tropical blend: this tates good! I enjoyed this snack
    • Sweet corn: mmm! This tastes pretty good! A good alternative to popcorn
    • Cherry berry: this is ok –not my fav, but tastes good.
    • Apple harvest: this is delish! Goooood snack
    Overall I think this co. makes delicious freeze-dried snacks. I’d buy them at a store!

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