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Already a household name in the GF community Chēbē bread products again crossed my path and my staffed testing kitchens.

We tested and nibbled on a variety of their products, and we have only positive things to share. It’s hard to choose a favorite, yet.

I’d say I really took a liking to the focaccia mix with all its options. Chēbē offers six dry mixes, only one of which contains dairy, and a line of five frozen dough options. All products are gluten-free, yeast-free, and non-GMO.

Here is a hard-to-resist Chēbē-inspired cinnamon roll recipe with pecans and raisins.


Dick Reed is the man behind this fast-growing company with its unique name and products. In 1998 Reed was sparked with an entrepreneurial idea after watching a TV show featuring a simple idea becoming a success.

With a passion for Brazilian food, Reed wanted to bring a popular food to America, pao de quiejo, a savory GF cheese bread. He embarked in extensive studies, and in 1999 Prima Provisions Co. was incorporated. The company is currently run by Reed, and he has plans to offer more products catering to the special dietary needs of those with food sensitivities.

The breads are fun to make, easy, require no rising, and are gourmet. We made pierogies, pigs in a blanket, calzones, crackers, cinnamon rolls, cream puffs, fruit tarts and more. Each bag offers endless opportunity in the kitchen as an alternative to the usual, with a “Brazilian experience.”

“Slightly unusual, unusually good,” is Chēbē’s slogan, and this slogan says it like it is.

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11 thoughts on “Chēbē – Gluten Free Company

  1. They have such a cute slogan! I tried their cinnamon rolls once and they were awesome, but I’m not much of a sweets person myself. I think that we underestimate just exactly how bad sugar is for us! This cheese bread sounds good and perfect for pigs-in-blankets.

  2. This picture looks really good. Looks like the cheese bread rolls? Unfortunately I’m trying to stay away from breads and other grain products. They just make me gain so much weight! And it’s not only about that–I just feel bad and heavy and low in energy when I eat breads and pastas. The weeks that I eat mostly salad I’m usually very high in energy and zip around from place to place and task to task feeling great! Hence, I will have to put trying these cheese rolls from Chebe on hold. Maybe during the holidays! (If I can last that long!)

  3. I like chebe (pronounced chee-bee) a lot. Some of their mixes are casein and lactose-free which is good because I have a hard time with lactose and they’re also in a dedicated gluten free society. It’s funny but I never ate garlic breadsticks at all until I went on the gluten free diet and tried Chebe’s. They’re really good. I like to dip them in marina sauce and sometimes pesto, too!

  4. These are good, you guys really have to try them. There’s just something about cheese that makes it good in soooo many foods. I’m really happy that I’m not sensitive to lactose or casein because that would really be too bad! I do miss “real” bread and crackers and other gluten-containing foods, but there really isn’t a substitute for cheese that I really like–soy cheese and rice cheese are OK sometimes on hamburgers as a replacement for American cheese (which I don’t like too much anyway), but that’s about it!

  5. I am pretty new to eating gluten free and I’ve found mixes to be a great way to bake because they’re pretty easy to use and you don’t have to do to much measuring and most of what you need is right there in the mix. I haven’t tried Chebe yet but I’ve seen it around, and I’ll definitely give it a try now. Thanks for the recommendaiton.



  6. Chebe is pretty good. I like their cinnamon rolls the best and they’re pretty convenient to make just like most mixes. What I really appreciate however is how you can freeze them and reheat them later in the oven at a low temperature, like 225 degrees. I used to be really into Cinnabon at the mall and I feel that Chebe really mastered this mix!

  7. Chebe is wonderful. I’m a big fan of GF mixes, but to save money (because it really does save money in the end), I started making my own mixes in baggies so things are premixed for stuff I bake a lot like rolls and muffins and cinnamon buns, and I just take them out of the pantry when I want to make something really fast. This is only because I bake often and I’m super busy so these aren’t stored very long. I was even thinking about doing a jar of GF ingredients to mix, all arranged very pretty, as inexpensive gifts for Christmas this year. Someone did that for me the other year and I thought it was so cute!

  8. OMG these bread rolls look sooooo good! I am lucky that I don’t have to stay away from bread or bread products for my weight, but there is more and more research coming out showing that you should have a predominately veggie diet, but STILL I can’t stay away from bread rolls. I have found so many that don’t even taste gluten free and I don’t even miss the real thing (well, most of the time anyway).

  9. Hi Tina thank you for your suggestion. I look forward to ordering from this company for the very first time!

  10. I really really really love your video reviews so much and look forward to watching them and I’m never disappointed! I’m a huge fan of what you do and I wish I could do it, although I have another day job and I’m fairly happy doing that, but if I could choose another career path it would probably be as a gluten free reviewer or blogger just like you. And also, love the kitchen!

  11. Hi Tina I’m really excited to try this company. I’ve seen it a lot online being advertised and I know I’ve seen it at the health food store. There are so many gluten free companies out there it’s kind of hard to know what to choose. I remember the days when there were only a few and also no internet shopping to speak of so it wasn’t really hard to choose a gluten free company to go with! I guess it’s a good sign that there are more and more choices out there. If anything, the competition has really driven up the quality of products. Being gluten free is waaaay better than it used to be:)

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