Desert Wind Skin Care and Emu Oil

(No chemicals, detergents, alcohols, solvents, parabens, or petroleum-based products.)
Many people have sensitive skin and many of these sensitivities derive from basic allergies or from the fact that so many topicals, shampoos, and soaps are laden with chemicals. So, what’s emu oil have to do with all this? Read on.
Celiacs or gluten-sensitive individuals can be inclined to have sensitivities to make-up, soaps, shampoos, and the like. As a result, I’m always willing to test with my testing team various products in hopes of finding standout products.

Desert Wind is a company with gluten-free products containing a proprietary blend. They have a unique line of handmade lotions, soaps, and a unique “in-a-bar” shampoo and conditioner.

According to Chuck Wellman, the key to their proprietary blend is the fact that emu oil penetrates through several layers of the dermis and actually feeds the skin. They combine this with cayenne, which is a blood flow stimulator, resulting in healing from the inside out.

Chuck confirmed that many skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, and gluten-sensitivity rashes have been helped if not healed through the use of Desert Wind products.

The “Emulo Gold” Body Lotion, which is fragrance-free, is ideal for anyone suffering from skin sensitivities, rosacea, dermatitis, or other skin issues. Chuck said it has an anti-inflammatory effect.

I loved the feel of the “Emulo Gold” Hand and Foot Cream, as there was no greasy after-feel, only a soothing sense of healing. I have a tendency for dry skin on my feet, and this cream really helped! My husband even said he has never known me to have “soft feet”. Well I do now.

The amazing shampoo and conditioners “in a bar” in any scent is a truly unique item to have in our bath or shower. I had seven testers use the bars, and each one of them loved them. Women said it lathered and cleaned really well, and the men loved how their hair felt and could be “styled” afterwards.

The emu oil has been clinically proven to enhance hair re-growth and the thickening and strengthening of brittle, thinning hair. This accounts for the rave reviews my testers sent in.

We can look forward to more products, as the herbal chemist of Desert Wind Skin Care is coming up with more formulas.

In 2007, Chuck and his wife, Nita, were starting their recreational retirements when they stumbled upon a chemist in a unique antique shop. He had them try some soaps and, the next visit, some lotions. Making a charming yet long story short, Chuck and his wife blind-tested these lotions on many friends and acquaintances after purchasing cases of them. 95% favored these products over others and many wrote in with rare successes.

There went retirement! Chuck and his wife stood behind their new venture with a 100% money-back guarantee. They really believe in Emu Gold and I have to admit they’re onto something.

Chuck says they rely on repeat customers. Check out, and I think you’re likely to become a repeat customer yourself.

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11 thoughts on “Desert Wind Skin Care and Emu Oil

  1. I LOVE Desert Wind’s lotion that you talk about here. I hate lotions with fragrances and my skin can be rather sensitive but Desert Wind makes my skin SO smooth and it just FEELS healthy.

  2. You featured these items just in time for Christmas! I’m going to sample them myself, and then if they’re as wonderful as they sound, they will be going in my GF gift baskets this year!

  3. I work for Charlie, I am also a Celiac patient and when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease my skin betrayed me and was very unforgiving with dryness and scaliness and itchiness. I went online to try to find a shampoo that was hydrating and did not make my scalp itch after shampoing I found Desert wind Skin Care. I tried the shampoo bar and felt like my skin and hair just went into a blanket of warmth and softness . My skin instantly became alive again and my hair and scalp bounced back right away. I called Charlie to tell him how much i love the products and he asked me to work for him and I have worked for him for about a year now and think the products are outstanding these are the only products I can use. I am very thankful to Charlie for having met his chemist friend and making these products to sell for patients that have these products.

  4. I bring “Emulo Gold” Body Lotion with me on film sets. There are always those few that I meet who have a very high skin sensitivity. I always make them a small sample and they ALWAYS praise me after a few days of using the product. It ALWAYS clears up any stubborn dryness on the actors and is one of my best kept secrets in my makeup kit.

  5. Just wanted to let you know….how RIGHT….you have been.

    A few weeks ago…I freaked out. not only did I get a few more breakouts on my back and chest…. My hands and feet started doing something weird. I could feel the bottoms of my feet…itching…but..not at the surface. I could feel the palms of my hands itching…but not on the surface. Then I got what I thought was a wart on one hand…between the fingers. Then I got a patch of thick dry skin on the palm of the other…. THEN… a few days later…the skin on my hands just started cracking open in the creases. very painful and itchy. Then the skin on my feet started getting dry and suddenly deep cracks along the heal…very painful.

    Then I remembered that my first husband, years ago had something similar on his hands. They were cracked so bad they would oooze all over his paperwork at work and the docs sure didn’t have much advice for him.. They did have a diagnosis. Dyshidrosis Soo..I looked it up on the internet. It talked about how it is limited to the hands and feet. And how it is very common with people who have chronic Eczema. As I read about what irritates it and what causes it…. It sounded like they are describing Leaky Gut Syndrome. Which is what Rob was saying he thought my skin problems were all about. So I made an appointment and told him…..THIS time I am ready to do whatever he tells me to do.

    So…I was at the office 2 weeks ago…on a Sat. and I was telling one of my clients about this…and about how I had an appointment with Dr. Schwartz the upcoming week. And she said to me? Duh.. “ are not taking some pro-biotics until you get to your doctors appt?” And I was like…DUH…why do I think I need to wait to get to Dr. Schwartz to start doing something. So…I remembered that I had some pro-biotics in the fridge…to add to colonics…the ones that come in the little bottles…and then I remembered that you had tried to get me to try some…and they were in little bottles…and I wondered if what I had here was the same brand you had given me. Bio-K plus???? Anyway..that is the brand I have in the fridge for colonics. So..I grabbed one out of the fridge and said….hey…I am going to start now. I can not afford to get this stuff on my hands and feet. If I get it on my hands no one is going to want me to do colonics on them no matter how much I tell them that it is NOT contagious. If I get it bad on my feet I wont be able to wear socks and shoes. I have to work!! As I grabbed the Bio-K out of the fridge…there was the jar of Emu oil cream you had given me. At the time I had too many open ooozy areas to use it on my legs….but when I saw it…I thought… “I bet that would be good for this hand and foot thing. so…after I took the pro-biotics…I rubbed that cream in all over my hands where it was dry and where they were cracked and hurting so bad. It’s weird cause when it cracks open like that it is a wide gap and does not go back together easily. I had three…It almost looked like I had tried to slit my wrists or something. And one on my palm.

    So…then the Sat. got busy with appointments. Towards the end of the day when things started slowing down I was telling someone about what I did and as I looked at my hands….I was astonished. My hands were already like….50% better…within just a few hours. I went out and immediately bought more Bio-K. When I got to the appointment with Rob…he had a list of supplements he wants me to take and pro-biotics is one of them twice a day. I told him about the Bio-K and he said those are pretty good but also pretty pricey. So he suggested another one that I could take that is not so pricey. I told him what happened Sat. and asked him which one worked…cream or Bio K…..he read the ingredients in the cream and he said… honestly…probably both. I decided I couldn’t stop doing something that showed such promise…but I can’t afford to be taking the Bio K twice a day. So..I decided..I am going to continue taking the Bio-K once a day at least for a while…and then take the other brand that he suggested the second time of day. That will make it a little more affordable.

    He also wants me to do a simple form of food combining. It sounds real simple…and it is…but sometimes when like is crazy…it isn’t always easy. He said…basically…”stay away from processed sugars. when you eat fruit…it should be in the morning. If you are going to eat carbs…they should be at lunch time and if you are going to eat protein it should be at dinner time. And of course…you can eat veggies any time.

    So…I wanted to contact you and tell you all about this. you can pass on the info if your sons girlfriend still has it. The combo of pro biotics and the cream was like a MIRACLE for this dyshidrosis stuff on my hands and feet….the legs are a little slower…but I believe they are also getting better. I wanted to let you know how right you were….AND….thank you for introducing me to those products…AND..thank you for giving them to me. Now that I am almost out and need to buy more I see how pricey they are I appreciate your gifts even more. So…THANK YOU….THANK YOU…..THANK YOU.


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