O’Doughs may be a newer name to those in the States, but they’ve established themselves quite well in Canada among the gluten-free community.

Owner, Ari Weinberg, and his current product development team have an array of loaves, rolls, cakes, and pizza kits that are not only delicious but have the texture we’ve all been yearning for.
I felt like these products were actually homemade—and that’s saying something! They are moist, not crumbly, and taste delicious.

Ari prides himself in the fact that O’Doughs products have the seal of approval by the GIG (Gluten Intolerance Group) and through their GFCO (Gluten Free Certification Organization). This mark is well-recognized as the “standard” for gluten-free customers, assuring everyone of purity through stringent testing.

These products are also Kosher and dairy-free, except the cakes, which contain egg. This allows those with other allergies to be able to adopt O’Doughs into their home kitchen repertoire.

My testers and I opened up the two boxes of O’Doughs Pizza Kits (one flax pizza and one white pizza), and to our surprise, they each had four pizza shells (about eight inches square) with four sauce packets. This is a completely kid-friendly idea, yet with pizza connoisseur taste. Delicious.

The loaves come in healthy options of flax or white and two size options as well. The buns currently are available in three flavors, and the dinner rolls hit the spot.

Ari and his development team really out-did themselves when they addressed the subject of cakes. Banana chocolate chip, carrot cake, and chocolate. We all concurred—the banana chocolate chip ruled.

Ari revealed that he and his development team will be sharing some even goodies over the years, as the company is expanding and secured with distributors in the States.
Order online at www.odoughs.com and enjoy O’doughs in your home now.

Thumbs up!

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  1. I’ve tried this myself actually and LOVED it so much but totally forgot about it later on. Thanks for the reminder, will be ordering some soon!

  2. I am so glad I can order from great companies like O’Doughs online–now we don’t have to suffer if we live in a smaller area that doesn’t serve the GF community very well!

  3. My son loves their products! We have tried the buns, carrot cake, chocolate cake and banana cake. Are the chocolate chips used in the banana cake dairy free? I couldn’t tell by the label.

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