Check out this Website for Kosher GF Goodies!

Now there’s a solution online for getting kosher GF products in Israel and worldwide, offering hundreds of items. I have heard great things about their customer service, too!

Check them out today and let me know what you think!

Orders can be placed online (, by phone (972-3-9191025) and by fax (972-3-9191026).

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9 thoughts on “Check out this Website for Kosher GF Goodies!

  1. Hey this is so cool! I have been finding that more and more companies are offering gluten free products that are also Kosher, but there’s been no database or anything like that to look up products that are both Kosher/GF. Anyway, what a cool site this is! I bet this will become very popular if it isn’t already.

  2. Here’s a great article on the increasing popularity of Kosher: Before I was gluten-free I started eating Kosher for health reasons because I knew their standards were higher than many non-Kosher meat companies. This article sums up my case pretty well. When I eat Kosher I just FEEL better. That to me is the proof right there and the most important thing is how food affects YOU.

  3. Hi Tina this is a great website. Also @Kathy thanks so much for that article. It’s funny, I like to get Kosher when I can, even though I’m not Jewish, as I always figured Kosher foods were likely better quality and more humanely prepared. I never really knew for sure, though. It was nice to see that other people think the same way. I’m going to stick to Kosher alternatives when I can!

  4. Wow you guys are really making good points for eating Kosher. I was like, “Hmmm this is interesting, but what do I care about Kosher if I’m not Jewish?” Now I’m very interested in getting some gluten free Kosher products and seeing the difference. I already buy Kosher hot dogs:)

  5. It’s been such a long time since I left a comment but I couldn’t resist! I’ve been buying Kosher for almost a decade now and I love it! I’m not Jewish, but I had a Jewish friend point out that the quality of meat is much better so I figured why not and started eating Kosher. Granted, not everything I eat is Kosher, but I usually shop in favor of Kosher when I have the choice between Kosher and non-Kosher.

  6. Hi Tina thanks for this website. I highly approve of it! Glad to see so many health-conscious people are eating Kosher. We gotta support Kosher companies out there!

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