Gluten-Digesting Enzyme Product: A Must for Celiacs

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Gluten Sensitivity Formula, developed by Advanced Bionutritionals, is an advanced gluten-digesting enzyme product, which is a must for celiacs and gluten-sensitive people.

Sometimes, no matter how diligent you are in your gluten-free diet, accidental ingestion of gluten happens. That’s why having a supplement with gluten-digesting enzymes is important to have around.

So how does it work? Enzymes dissolve things such as nutrients in food. The body contains thousands of enzymes, and one of them possesses the ability to digest gluten—DPP-IV (dipeptidyl peptidase IV). (In fact, it’s been found that gluten-sensitive people have a lot less of this enzyme than others.) When you accidentally ingest gluten, this enzyme can help neutralize it, preventing or lessening damage to the intestine and helping you absorb the nutrients in your food better. Not every gluten-enzyme supplement is the same. DPP-IV enzymes require the aid of a special combination of other enzymes for their effectiveness, which this formula offers.

How do you take it? Gluten Sensitivity Formula can be taken after your regular gluten-free meals to help digest any trace amounts of gluten, or if you know you’ve digested gluten accidentally or feel symptoms coming on, you can take one of two tablets after a gluten-free meal.

As a bonus, the formula digests casein, a dairy protein that many people are allergic to, so if you have reason to believe that you may be experiencing troubles with digestion from other sources or if you have a known food allergy to casein, the Gluten Sensitivity Formula can be of benefit.

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Advanced Bionutritionals: Gluten Sensitivity Formula


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