Gravy Lovers: Boston Market’s Poultry Gravy is GF!

The next time you’re at Boston Market, you can enjoy some gluten-free gravy on those heavenly mashed potatoes! It turns out that Boston Market’s poultry gravy has no gluten!  (Note: The beef gravy is NOT gluten-free.) I took a look at the ingredients and even called Boston Market to confirm that it was true. Of course, cross-contamination is always a risk when you’re eating out.

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5 thoughts on “Gravy Lovers: Boston Market’s Poultry Gravy is GF!

  1. Hi Tina this is good to know I guess, but I’m not really a fan of Boston Market, I have to say. I can make waaaay better food at home, but it is pretty cheap so it does have that advantage at least…

  2. There’s a Boston Market near where I work. Maybe I’ll stop by sometime and try their gravy! It’s been years since I’ve gone…I just don’t really bother eating out that much.

  3. Bleh, that’s what I have to say about Boston Market. I guess I’m glad to hear they offer something gluten free, and hopefully if their gravy is gluten free so would their meat and potatoes at the very least be gluten free too. But really, you could do so much better cooking at home.

  4. I love to hear about gluten free foods at restaurants. It seems to be getting less and less rare to hear about things like this. Yay!

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