Mommy, What Is Celiac Disease?

It’s not every day that you find a resource book that both parents and children can read for valuable information about celiac disease. Katie Chalmers has achieved this with her unique picture book, Mommy, What Is Celiac Disease?

After a child’s celiac diagnosis is made, there comes the inevitable talk when Mommy, Daddy, or both must explain what this means and how it will change their family. Mommy, What Is Celiac Disease? depicts in unique illustrations and creative dialogue, full of unique similes that children will connect with, this crucial conversation between a newly diagnosed celiac girl and her Mommy. Not only does the book fully describe the disease, even defining gluten, and explain the gluten-free diet and the lifestyle changes it requires, but it also exudes an optimism, giving parents an example of the positive attitude they should take with their kids.

The book is not only a valuable resource for celiac kids and their parents, but for other family members, friends, teachers, school administrators, and more.  It explains the disease in an informed way without complicated and scientific jargon, earning the praise of various celiac experts and writers.

Katie Chalmers not only authored the book but, a freelance graphic designer, she illustrated it as well. Shortly after being diagnosed with celiac disease, one of her twin daughters tested positive, and Chalmers made sure to explain the disease clearly and in a positive light. Her picture book does just that and ensures that other parents will be able to follow in her successful footsteps.

I highly recommend this book for anyone with a celiac child in their life. I am also very pleased to share her delightful website where you can easily purchase the book.


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16 thoughts on “Mommy, What Is Celiac Disease?

  1. Hi Tina thanks so much for this book recommendation. I may be mistaken, but this seems to be the first time you’ve recommended a children’s book on the gluten free diet. This sounds like a really charming and informative one, and I’m so glad people are making efforts to help children understand celiac disease with literature.

  2. I think this is the first time I’m hearing about a gluten free kids book. That’s great! I’ve always wanted to write one myself. I am an adult with no celiac children, no kids actually, but I think I’m going to order this for my neice who’s always asking me about celiac disease.

  3. Awww this looks really sweet. Already from the cover I like it! That little girl cartoon is really darling. It’s kind of sad, but I think I mostly judge a book by its cover! They teach us for years and years not to do that, but marketing experts know better than that ha ha;)

  4. Tina, you are my favorite gluten free reviewer! This is because you don’t just review food companies but also books and even children’s books. Your blog has actually opened up my eyes to the wide variety of products and resources we have available to us in the gluten-free community. A trip to the health food store or library just isn’t enough to show you this because there are so many online specialty companies and eBooks, etc. that you’re not exposed to in just regular daily life. Thanks for allowing me to be in tune with what’s going on in the gluten free world!

  5. This looks like such a delightful book. I’ll take your word for it and order a few copies for my granddaughter’s school library. I just donated your Danny the Dragon book too and the librarian loved it and was very excited to pass it along to other teachers for their read aloud time.

  6. Finally! I’ve been looking for a book that I can get my daughter’s friends. Even when I explain to them about celiac disease they don’t have the benefit of reading literature on the subject and seeing pictures. I wish we had many more resources for youngsters around to explain to them (and their parents and friends and friends parents and teachers) about the gluten free diet and celiac disease.

  7. Hi Tina I’m really excited to read this and I was even thinking about writing a children’s book myself! I have three kids, two of whom are celiac and I have yet to find a children’s book on celiac disease that they truly love. Maybe this one will be it, or I’ll make one of my own!

  8. Hi Tina I am really interested now in doing a kids book of my own, but for pre-teens and teens. I have always wanted to be a children’s author, but I never quite knew what to write about. I haven’t found any easy to understand books on CD with pictures that appeal to my kids.

  9. Hey Tina I’m so glad to see children’s books showing up for celiac kids. I also heard about one called Celie-Yak is Under Attack for an older kid age group (around 11 years I think), which is supposed to be pretty good. I would like to see a picture book encyclopedia on celiac disease and the gluten free diet for kids. I think that would be pretty cool!

  10. Thanks for this recommendation. I’ll be ordering this. I’m a big fan of children’s books even though my kids are grown (well, they’re teens now), but I’d love to just keep this book around for when little ones come to visit (I have 8 young nieces and nephews, if you can believe it!) so they can understand what celiac disease since my 17-year-old son and I have both been diagnosed with the disease.

  11. I’m so glad you’re bringing our attention to this book because I know how influential you are and how popular your blog/website is. We all need to support each other, especially in the gluten-free community because the gluten free diet is NOT a piece of cake and getting diagnosed with celiac disease can certainly be tough as well. We need as much support as possible! -Sam S.

  12. Awww looks like a great book and what a great simple title it has! I am really happy to find more and more celiac guides for kids. The GF Kid is a pretty good one.

  13. Wow LOVE this book review. I would also like to hear some more cookbook reviews because there are so many cookbooks out there that’s it’s really hard to choose them! I depend a lot on reviews, which have been super helpful in the past. Can you even imagine a world without online reviews or online bookstores? Going to the local bookstore and looking at books on the shelves and trying to tell from reading the back and flipping through it? I can’t even imagine how people used to do that. Seems like it was the Stone Age or something but it was just a couple decades ago that we had to live like that!

  14. I visited the website and saw that there were many other good reviews so I went ahead and got it! Plus it’s 30% off for Celiac Disease Awareness Month (May), which is a pretty sweet deal! Now I can say I did something to celebrate this month hahaha. I bought a book and got a discount on it!

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