Macro Life Naturals – Review

I had the wonderful opportunity to test a few of Macro Life Naturals Products, the Macro Greens and the Miracle Reds and 3 incredible bars they now offer.

I am celiac. Let me clarify,  I am a highly (and I mean highly) sensitive to “greens”celiac- such as barley grass and wheat grass, so please do read on and get a new take on this very topic and my new view as of this recent testing.

First of all I have a wonderful team in Los Angeles and Florida that assisted me through this particular testing. I wanted feedback and I wanted it from all people, with all sorts of particular body needs or not.  So, this was quite a unique company to review as we elicited a number of kids and athletes to really put it to the test.

Let’s dive a little into Macro Life first. A caring mom, Sylvia Ortiz wanted to help her son loose some weight and out of this desire resulted in the original Macro Greens.  Her son lost 35 pounds, dropped down to 12 % body fat and then Sylvia lost 60 pounds as well.  Since that time Macro Greens® was named the most successful product ever in retail sales over a five-week period at Whole Foods chain markets. Wow!

The owners profess that Macro Greens is non-allergenic, nutrient-rich and will optimize the body’s pH and  surpasses the nutrition of five servings of fruits and vegetables. They also state that if used daily one will experience increased energy, weight loss, increased mental clarity, balanced blood sugar, strengthened immune system and improved digestion. So that was worth testing out for sure. Read on and let’s see what we discovered on a one on one basis here in LA and FL.

Miracle Reds® (a delicious red powder) is stated as being the a superfruit anti-aging blend providing immense antioxidant protection. They go on to share that it will locate and diminish unstable free radicals that damage healthy cells and cause premature aging. Now I am all for that! It has some of my favorite fruits: Goji, Pomegranate, Acai, and Mangosteen.

They also had us test their 3 bars: Macro Green Chocolate and Cinnamon Bar, Miracle Reds Berri Berri Bar and Macro Green Apple Lemon Ginger Bar. Let me just say now that everyone (yes everyone) who tested these found them to be absolutely scrumptious. Of course there are always those that prefer chocolate over fruit or fruit over chocolate (me) but that was the only side comment was, if they had to choose. But they don’t so they loved them all. They are a quick boost of energy, loaded with the greens or the reds, great fiber (which we celiacs NEED) and some protein to top it off. Kids of all ages loved the bars. The athletes (I am speaking triathletes and marathon runners) felt they were a  perfect after train smack or even a mid day snack. Two of the men said they would start buying them now without a doubt.


Ok, so now let’s look at the Macro Green testing:

Miranda, this was the best before training boost of anti oxidants I have ever had.” – One of my athlete testers

I can not say enough positive things about both the powders, Macro Greens and Miracle Reds. My husband drank it before heading off to work and he felt much better all day long. I gave it to my kids after school with their snack and they “DRANK IT” and I actually noticed they fell asleep better each eve. I used it  in my water during my work-out and I did not get the wiped out feeling I always get after heavy cardio”- Mother of two celiac kids

I can say that I loved the taste and did not get the terrible troubles I usually get from Barley. I loved knowing I was getting a load of nutrients without having to pop a load of pills. I actually cut down on my minerals. I can overall say it felt like CLEAN food. I can say that if I drank the Macro Greens every day I started to get tummy distress but as I initially said I am HIGHLY sensitive to barley grass. Some celiacs are. So I cut back. I also made some grain-free, gluten-free cookies with the greens. We call them Macro Cookies. I am not sure if heating them destroys any or All of the benefits so I made them in the dehydrator as another test. We call these Raw Macro Cookies

Now let’s discuss these delicious Miracle Reds. Let me share a very special story. One lady was just out of the hospital and was under a lot of stress and lacked decent nutrition before entering. She had little money and little after care. We delivered the reds in single serving packets to her for her ease in taking them. She was told she would be in bed a good 2 weeks healing. After 8 days on the Miracle reds she called me to tell me she felt life like again, for the first time in ages.

I also had several moms and dads call me with all sorts of stories exclaiming how pleased they were with the flavor, the benefits and ease in taking them etc. It was a winner!

The Miracle Reds and Macro Greens come in single serving packs as well as canisters of 30, 10 and a 2 ounce container to test without a big commitment.

According to the owners Miracle Reds® and Macro Greens® are among the most popular whole food supplements currently sold at most supermarkets and specialty health food locations we all know and shop at. After conducting this test, I can see why!

I really am very pleased to have been able to have tested this company’s products and the extremely positive outcome. I am also more pleased to say that this company is one of the finest we have tested in the past two years as far as supplements. These products are top quality, care and consideration for the public’s health and well being.

Please do yourself a favor and try them out:


Miranda Jade Turbin


From our home to yours, Tina Turbin
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6 thoughts on “Macro Life Naturals – Review

  1. This review exemplifies exactly why I love to read your product reviews. You seem to have fully examined this product even by enlisting the help of many others so it’s not just your personal opinion. I am also very sensitive to greens and I’ve heard they can be really good for you, but I was scared to try some of the supposedly OK brands. I really look forward to giving Macro Life Naturals a try!

  2. so funny…I was just looking into greens. I’m on the paleo diet and I don’t want to take supplements but I want to still take in some extra nutrients and I have a friend who puts this stuff in her morning smoothies. I will definitely give macro life a try. I don’t want to mess with other companies because even if I don’t feel a reaction the gluten could still be affecting me.

  3. I was pretty shocked to see the prices originally but this is far superior to any nutritional supplement I’ve ever taken. I literally don’t take anything else, just add this to my smoothie and that’s it. Actually, I do take probiotics and calcium-magnesium but that’s it! You don’t need anything else. Entirely worth the cost…

  4. This looks like a supplement I would love to try. I’m just not into taking pills and tablets..blah! It feels so unnatural, even when I take whole food vitamin supplements. I want something with LIFE in it! I have been meaning to have breakfast smoothies in the morning too. This will be the perfect addition to them.

  5. Was tummy upset a gluten reaction? I know a lot of companies claim the wheat/barley grasses are gluten free but often have trace amounts of gluten in them. Is this safe?

    1. I think you just have to try items yourself and see how you do. I personally never normally drink wheat grass, oats, etc because I do not do well with them. You can also get a gluten test kit for your home to check for gluten in items you buy.

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